favourite festive films | blogmas 4

On the fourth day of Blogmas it rained and rained and rained...pretty perfect weather for curling up with a cup of tea and a heart warming festive film don't you think?  My film of choice today is The Grinch but it was a difficult choice between all my favourites!

deck the halls (with memories) | blogmas 3

Christmas is a time for decoration, for laughter and for memories and luckily over the years my family has collected a few items that tick every single box in one go.

do i hear sleighbells in the snow | blogmas 2

Hello and welcome to today's Blogmas post! It's the second one in my series of twelve and if you missed my first announcement on Friday you can read that here but now grab your mince pies and settle in for this somewhat short but hopefully still sweet post.

The eagle eyed Christmas music lovers among you might have noticed that the title of this post is actually a lyric of a Christmas song and therefore may have guessed that today's 12 Days of Blogmas instalment is my favourite Christmas songs!

twelve days of december | blogmas 1

Hello and happy December to you all!

Oh yes it's that time of year once more, December has arrived, christmas jumpers have been donned, winter candles have been lit and half the blogging world is going "AAHHHHH BLOGMAS!" It even snowed a tiny bit yesterday so I'm definitely in a festive mood!

You might have guessed from the title of today's post that I'm not one of the wonderfully mad bloggers taking part in a full 24 days (or more!) of Blogmas this year. I thought about it but ultimately decided that I'd rather upload fewer posts but be really happy with them than rush through random and vague ideas just to get something up each day (or have a repeat of last years tragedy that was my attempt at a complete blogmas..)

So, instead of 24 days of Blogmas I have twelve posts going up for the next four weeks; three each week! Most will be Christmas themed but there's a mixture of more traditional blogmas posts, bookish rambles and a couple of more personal posts.  I haven't quite finished scheduling them all yet but I'm hoping to upload on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays each week right up until the day before Christmas Eve - and then I'll be on a mini hiatus over Christmas until the first week in January!

I've put more effort into the upcoming month than I have for the entire year so far (sorry blog, I do love you really) and I'm honestly so excited to share my posts with you all so I very much hope you like them too!

Are you doing Blogmas too? Let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to check your posts out!  Also if you are a fan of our #GRLPOWR chats then keep an eye on our twitter as there are a lot of Christmassy ones coming up and we're all very excited about them.

I hope you have all had a wonderful first day of December so far!

eloise x

recently read: they both die at the end

They Both Die At The End ~ Adam Silvera
Spoiler Free Review:  Yes
Star Rating: 4

I wanted to read this book from the very first day I discovered it (publication day in the US) but alas my little library did not yet have a copy so I had to impatiently wait; first for it to appear on the virtual shelves and then for it to make its way through the five people who had reserved it before me.   My instant reaction on finally getting my hands on this book and reading it - It was so worth the wait!

There was a constant flow of tears for the last twenty pages and I'm not sure if my heart will ever recover from the bashing this book gave it but wow is it a good story and I was so absorbed into the world that when my phone started to ring half way through reading I genuinely had a split second where I thought "this is it, my last day."  Thankfully it was only my dad but that momentary panic backs up just how good I found this book.

The general concept of Death Cast telling people when their last day is (one minor question though: who exactly is applying for that job?? are you okay?) and all the Last Day creations like making moments and finding a last friend through an app is just so scarily cool to me.  I love it and it definitely flung up some questions like "what would I do on my last day" - and honestly I don't know.  

Loved that:
  • Each boy had their own very distinctive voice though which was great as they were easily identifiable from each other; their individual ways of speaking coming across in their thougts as well as in their speech.
  • R & M became friends before anything else; it was definitely a strangers to friends to lovers story that stopped off at each section - despite the 'one day' situation it didn't feel rushed at all.
  • We saw each of the main boys interacting with their friends - at tines I thought we wouldn't see them very much but I loved that this was a book that did focus on friendships as well as everything else it covers.

Wasn't so keen on:
  • Just how many side characters voices we heard from; some were important to the plot but a couple of others I just found jarring.
  • The idea that Mateo had to become this new version of himself.  Yes it made for a better story but at times it did read as if being a quiet, more reserved person is a bad thing - and anyone who is like that has this inner wild child just waiting to be released.  Some people are quiet all the way through- like a stick of rock.

Adam's world captured me completely from only a few chapters in; the writing is wonderfully descriptive without being over the top & apart from a few niggly bits I did really enjoy this book.

Have you read TBDATE yet?  What did you think of it - let me know below or over in the comments on my latest instagram post!

eloise x

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NaNoWriMo: four days in

In case you don't know NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and is basically a bunch of people deciding to write a 50,000 word book in one month- from 1st November to 30th November and this year I'm one of them! I know - it sounds crazy and honestly it is but it also sounds a wonderful challenge.  I've known about NaNoWriMo for several years now but never felt ready or willing to try; partly because university would be in the way but mostly because I was scared I'd give up and fail.

writing for little me

I grew up a book worm; my parents always read to me and as soon as I learned how to turn pages and follow the words myself I was off.  I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on; adventure stories, animal stories, people stories- everything.  I moved into the teen section of the library by the time I was twelve and was reaching for the adult chicklit section before I turned fifteen.    As much as I did read I don't ever remember opening a book and recognising myself; not a book that I hadn't purposely tracked down first anyway. 

gathering rosebuds

Today - 3rd October - is the one year anniversary of getting my tattoo.  It's been one year since I stopped "thinking about" something I knew I wanted and just went for it.  One year since I decided to stop worrying about getting something seemingly cliche, stop worrying about what other people might think and just seized the flipping day and got it.

Today marks the anniversary of a day when I didn't let myself talk me out of doing something, a day when I just went for it.  It was a small thing but a giant thing at the same time and I have never once regretted it. 



So as you have probably guessed from my new URL, header & twitter handle I have changed up my online space from 'isthateloise' to 'eloisewrites' and I just wanted to well, write about it all!

I'm a little sad to say goodbye to isthateloise; it has been my online space for just over a year now and it truly became the place where I found my blogging feet but I also felt a tad disconnected from it.  I've been asked before "why isthateloise?" and my answer is always that I just don't know.  When I first came up with it last year I knew that I wanted to change my original blog name but I  didn't know what I wanted to change it to.  There's no reason behind it, other than it being my name of course, and quite frankly I don't feel like it fits anymore.

all is well

I was already well past the age of eleven when I first dipped my toe into the world of witches and wizards but that has never stopped me looking out for owls each summer in the hope that my letter has been lost all these years.  Even though I was late to the Hogwarts party - the final book had already been published before I’d even layed eyes on that iconic first line - Harry Potter has always been my go-to, the one series I return to time and time again.

#GRLPOWR anniversary


Yes, in case you haven't seen our celebratory tweets & happy dancing gifs yet this morning then you might have missed the news but the small little RT account I'm part of has been running for one year today and I'm so happy and proud to be involved! For me personally @GRLPOWRCHAT came at a time when I wasn't sure what I was doing online, I was in my fourth blog-break of the year and ultimately just wasn't really feeling it anymore. Then I took part in a blogger chat on twitter and at the end of it, on a high of blogger love and community liked a tweet to get put into a group chat with other bloggers.  At first (and I mean literally for the first couple of days) that was all it was but then suddenly there were logos and names and chat ideas flying all over the place and it didn't take long before GRLPOWRCHAT was born!

recently read: all the bright places

All the Bright Places ~ Jennifer Niven

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
Final Page Feeling: emotional but a little meh.
Spoiler Free Review: yes!

I know there is already a bundle of mixed reviews out there in the world but one more can't hurt can it? I also know that when starting something new (like a recently read book review series) it's best to pick a book you know well and that you have solid opinions on but I kind of don't have those.  What I do have is a good playlist, a cup of tea and the urge to talk about this book...so lets just skip past this not very positive start and get on with the post!

afternoon tea at claridges

Way back when I was a little first year I ventured off out into London to see the Christmas lights being turned on and ended up taking a photo outside Claridges; and after telling my mum about it we decided that at some point we would find an occasion and have afternoon tea there.  Three years later we finally sat down for afternoon tea and wow.  It was so worth the wait.

As well afternoon tea being something we've wanted to do for ages it fell at the perfect time. My mum turned 50 in March, I was 21 in February, my brother has just finished his first year of university and I've just finished university altogether so it was a celebration of several milestones!

four books & a bit / btat17 wrapup

hello!! and welcome to this very late booktube-a-thon wrapup which was supposed to go up on Monday, oops! I don't have a reason (or an excuse) for why I haven't posted this yet other than I forgot all about it; I wrote it, saved it ready to edit & post and then just didn't.  

I was bumbling around on my laptop last Sunday, flipping between reading blogs, watching youtube videos and looking up blog themes when I discovered BookTubeAThon which was due to start in two hours at midnight.  Fast forward an hour, a very terrible explanation for my mum as to why I was making a mess and one pile of books and I was ready to throw myself into a week of reading.

a trip to st dunstan in the east

St Dunstan-in-the-East is both a testament to the willpower of people and a clear demonstration of nature persevering and prevailing.  Originally built in 1100 the church has been built, repaired, destroyed, patched up and rebuilt, changing from a place of private worship into a place of public peace.  Since the 1970's it has been an open public garden and after reading about it and seeing other peoples photos I knew I had to go myself.

femme visibility

If you read my post about being an invisible femme the other week you might be looking at the title of this thinking "hang on a second.." but don't click off just yet- I haven't done a complete u-turn on everything I wrote, nor have I made huge errors in the title of this post! You see, I view being a femme lesbian as a coin: with visibility and invisibility being the two sides, you can't have one without the other and both are just as valid and important to discuss and talk about.  As much as I consider myself to be an invsible femme; I also view myself as a visible one too.

I am a visible femme because I'm out, proud and feminine with no wish to hide any part of me.

I am a visible femme by choice and not just because I might not be seen otherwise.

I am a visible femme because I've been told "well I guessed", "you're not subtle when you see a pretty girl" and "I did wonder" all on separate occasions after coming out to people.  I am a visible femme because I'm too passionate about LGBTQ+ rights (and pretty girls apparently..) to simply pass under radars as just an ally.

we march because

We march because in 1969 Sylvia Rivera threw the first brick and yet fifty years later bathrooms are still being patrolled and controlled,

because you treat my fellow sisters like we're both your worst nightmare and your greatest fantasy rolled into one even though we are not here for your pleasure,

and because America's worst mass shooting in history took place in our month against our people and they ask why marriage isn't enough?

a final walkthrough

A Final Walkthrough.

Walking through corridors for the final time, 
trailing my fingers down bannisters
and running through a studio,
all for old times’ sake.

The walls of this building have seen many of my memories,
have captured and been present at 
uncountable moments and I leave pieces of my life
 scattered throughout the staircases.

the invisible femme

The invisible femme: a feminine looking lesbian who struggles to convince or show that she is gay.

 The invisible femme: a lesbian who recieves yet another label because she doesn't conform to society's stereotypical definition of what a lesbian looks like.  You know; short hair, short nails and a wardrobe full of checked shirts and and heavy-duty "man boots." 

The invisible femme: the girl writing this blog post.

"You're too pretty to be gay" or "I never would have guessed" are both comments I've recieved a few more times than I'd prefer and I'm still baffled as to how the first one is supposed to be complimentary in the slightest.  As for the second one I always feel a surge of annoyance which is quickly followed by frustration because I know that the stereotypes I mentioned before are to blame for people not guessing.  My long hair and painted nails are as much a part of me as my blue eyes and my sexuality are and yet the first two somehow erase or coverup the fourth despite the fact that it's the latter two which aren't changeable? 

As an invisible femme I am both privileged and disadvantaged.  I "pass" as a straight woman so therefore do not recieve even half as much abuse and homophobia as my sisters who fit the stereotype, but on the other hand the number of homophobic comments that have been made in my hearing about those sisters because I am not counted as one of them is heartbreakingly high.  I don't fit the stereotype so therefore I'm clearly a straight women who would find a "haha gayyyyyyyyy" comment amusing..  By not fitting the stereotype I pass under the radar, I avoid the weird looks and whispered comments that so many people I know have had to deal with but at the same time I often wonder if I also pass under the radar of people I belong with.

Stereotypes are so prevalent both outside and inside my community that often I am an invisible femme not only to boys in the club but also to members of my own group.  How many potential flirtations or coffee dates have I missed out on because I chose to wear a dress that day.  When I went to a queer craft fayre did I look like an outsider to my own people?  Is my love of checked shirts just seen as a quirky "me thing" or as the tongue-in-cheek acceptance and love of one of the many stereotypes held under the umbrella of lesbian it actually is?

pride: a playlist

Hello and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH everyone!  

I've already written up a handful of blogposts which I feel very organised and bloggerish about (shoutout to the lovely Abbey for telling me how to schedule properly a while back) and I have a couple more ideas which I'm hoping to form into posts soon- especially as one of them involves a trip to The Hummingbird Bakery... But enough about the rest of the month, todays post as you might have guessed from the title is all about pride playlists! More specifically the pride playlist I'm about to share with you.

Confession time: I actually have four queer themed playlists with various songs and artists and themes but as much as I would love to rave about every single song I don't think you would enjoy reading the mile long post it would turn out to be.  So instead I've picked my top six favourite songs that are present on at least one of my pride playlists!!  So in no particular order, other than the one I remembered them in, here is my ultimate pride playlist!

I Am What I Am from La Cage aux Folles (the musical not the dull as dishwater film on Netflix) was a song that I grew up listening to a lot on my mums musical CD's and I've always loved it and then when I realised it was from a queer musical I just loved it even more; it's about banging your own drum, not caring about small minded people and just being proud of yourself-whoever you might be! 

Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko is a song that just had to feature on this written playlist, not least because it features on every single music playlist on I have!  As summer approaches I've been listening to this song more and more; it's so positive and catchy- the chorus gets stuck in my head on a regular basis-

She Likes Girls by Metro Station is one that just makes me want to get up and dance around wildly whether I'm in my room or on a train.  It's so catchy and SUCH a positive change of music-based attitudes to women let alone to women being interested in each other.  It's super catchy and honestly might be one of my favourite songs in general as well as being a favourite queer themed one.

Diana Ross's I'm Coming Out is such a JAM and is another one that will always get me wanting to dance around like a twit.  It's such a completely feel-good song that whether you're part of the community or not I think it'll still get you smiling and in a good mood.

Rude covered by Ana Free & Mia Rose is honestly the prettiest version of any song ever AND they didn't change the pronouns which gave this song a new life as one recognisable by queer people.  The song itself was good beforehand but Ana Free's voice is so unbelivably beautiful I think this version is much better!

Well it just has to be the Glee version of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Naya/Santana & Heather/Brittany!  Whitneys original is one of my favourite songs ever but with two girls and a pronoun change it's just ever so slightly better.

Image result for rainbow

I've linked to a youtube video of each song so if you listen to any of them let me know what you think or tell me your own favourite song (pride themed or not) and I'll give it a listen!

love el

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i don't even have a pla..

This post was originally titled 'I don't even have a pla (or HELP I'VE FINISHED UNI NOW WHAT)' but I felt it was a little long and in-your-face-ish so I made it the first line instead-which on second thoughts probably doesn't help that latter point in the slightest but moving on because I've officially finished university!!!!  My  assignments have been submitted and my performances are finished, I've even got every single grade back already but the question on everyones mind is now what? Well, in the words of Phoebe Buffay "I don't even have a pla", options- yes, I have tons of those but an actual plan? Not at all, not even a little, mini, tiny one!

I don't have a plan and I don't really know how I feel about it all either, to be honest with you I don't think it's quite sunk in it.  I've only officially been finished for just over a week so I haven't even hit the peak of boredom lows yet; I've had quite a busy week as well (which included accidentally walking eight miles..) so that has helped- or hasn't helped I guess.  I feel lost and weird and as if even though the whole entire world might be my oyster I'm not even ready to scale the pearl yet.  I've spent my entire life stepping from one education system to the other; dreaming and longing for the day when I would finally finish but now that time has come and I have absolutely no idea what to do with my days.

I've just spent three years studying for a degree in Drama Studies; I've worked my flipping socks off and have somehow managed to come out with a 2.1 overall and while I'm so so happy about that and about how far I've come in terms of confidence I don't really know what to do with it.  I don't want to teach; not straight away anyway, and I don't want to get stuck inside an office 9-5 Monday to Friday.  I don't regret my degree or choosing to stay in education but I just have no idea what the next step is, I do know that it feels easier to eat chocolate buttons and watch films with my housemates and pretend I'm not moving home in a month to start a new chapter in my life- cliche & cheesy but oh so true. 

I'm scared to apply for jobs because what if I get comfortable and just don't do all the things I want to do but at the same time I desperately need to get a job; partly because doing nothing in the middle of the countryside for an indefinite amount of time will get very dull very quickly..and partly because you know, money.  I'm worried that I'll never use my degree again in my life as anything more than a conversation topic (an expensive conversation topic) and I'm worried that I will use it for something more than a chat and will somehow realise I'm on a completely wrong career path.  I don't know what I want to do first because there are just so many things I want to do I just can't pick. 

Part of my university, 4 days after arriving.  Sept. 2014.

I want to travel, I want to write, I want to see the world; jump on a plane and just go.
I want to start doing all the things I've watched other people do through a screen and start ticking things off my list of dreams.  I want to curl up in the sun like a cat and just sleep for a solid six weeks because after third year that's all I need.  I want to put a ban the words "so what are you doing next" with a fine of several pounds and a peanut butter Kit-Kat to be bought by anyone who breaks it.  I want to rewind back to sitting in my best friends room in halls, eating pizza and watching films until the early hours; more concerned about debating which of Sophie's potential dads should be the actual dad in Mamma Mia than anything else.  

Ultimately though I think I'm alright with not having a pla; don't get me wrong- I'd love to be able to know what I'm doing but I think being a little lost is good; now is my time to try out things, go off adventuring on my own because I have no reason not to, this is my time to be safe but slightly reckless because I have carpe diem tattooed on my wrist and for my entire life I've been cautious and careful and I need this time to dive headfirst into whatever life throws at me.  So I'm finished with education, with deadlines and with planning out my time between this essay and that scene and for now I'm just running with the P and hoping that L, A and N appear along the way somewhere.

love el

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the kitchen diaries: vegetarian chilli

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I'm slowly switching into becoming a vegetarian/pescatarian and while doing so I'm also branching out my meals from pasta, pasta and more pasta (I wish I was joking!)  As part of this I've recently been a lot better at using the recipe books that have been gathering dust on various shelves since first year and the result of that was me making a mega mess in the kitchen to use way more pans than needed to make this vegetarian chilli!

I kind of took two recipes, mushed them together and then adapted as I cooked.  The chilli I made was only vegetarian as my quinoa says it may contain traces of milk (?) but I'm sure finding a different quinoa (or not including it) to make it suitable for vegans as well would be pretty easy!

1 x 400g can of Black beans (I used Dunns River but there are tons of brands out there)
1 or 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
Half an onion, chopped
Half a red pepper, sliced
1 sweet potato, cubed
Handful of peas (optional)
1 red chilli, deseeded & finely chopped (optional)
200ml vegetable stock
1 x 400g can of chopped tomatoes
2 tsp chilli powder
1tsp ground cumin
Ground black pepper
Quinoa (I just poured a random amount out and hoped for the best; and this is optional; you can also add Quorn or simply leave it out completely!)

*Note* Different brands of black beans need different things doing to them so definitely check whether yours need soaking over night or a simple rinse before you cook them up!

-Rinse beans in cold water then put on to boil for 10 minutes before draining (I rinsed them again but it depends how strong a flavour you want) and stand to one side
-Prepare vegetable stock; I used hot water and a Tesco stock cube!
-Chop the onion, garlic, pepper and chilli.
-Heat up a splash of oil then add onion and pepper to the pan
-Once onion has soften add the garlic and chilli, cook for a few minutes or until the pepper has softened.
-Add chilli power, black pepper & cumin; stir for 30 seconds before adding the canned tomatoes, beans and vegetable stock.
-While this is boiling chop up the sweet potato.  I find it easier to chop it up quite big at first and then chop the pieces smaller once they've softened in the pan.
-Drop in the potato and stir.
-Leave to simmer on a low heat until the potato is soft and the sauce has reduced down.
-Add the quinoa (this is when I added my handful of peas & a sneaky third teaspoon of chilli powder to up the flavour a little more)
-Stir occasionally to make sure it doesn't stick - you might need to add in a couple of splashes of water
-When the quinoa is cooked; take it off the heat completely and give it a really good stir.
-Plonk it in a bowl and enjoy!

For me this made enough for three days worth; perfect for the day after I made it when I got home from the final day of rehearsals, very hungry, very tired and very happy I didn't have to then cook something.  To reheat the chilli I just addded a tiny bit of water and put it on a very low heat until it was hot through; and the third portion is in my freezer!  Even though it did take over an hour from first chop to first taste it was a very easy dish to make and I feel it would be very simple to adapt or alter as you wish.  

If you do make this then please let me know as I would love to know what you think / how you found it!

love el

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i wrote my way out

When I was very little I wanted to be a singer, my sole ambition in life was to be a pop star and the fact that I couldn't hold a note or keep in tune to save my life was merely a minor speck on my otherwise clean road to stardom.. If I wasn't singing into my hairbrush I would be making up stories, scribbling about teddies and tea parties as soon as I learned how to hold a pen.

Then I got a bit older and decided that actually singing wasn't for me and instead I would throw myself into the world of acting.  Red carpets, film sets and the glittering world of stardom was so clearly where I belonged I didn't know why I hadn't seen it before.  Despite sticking up posters of actors all over my walls I continued to write, this time with the aid of my mums laptop and even though almost everything was inspired completely (and copied indirectly) from Enid Blyton, a few of my own idea's managed to sneak through and get written as well.

I got a bit older again and although I stuck with the overall acting theme I broadened my aspirations from film sets to include theatre stages, decided to pick drama for an option when I went to sixth form and daydreamed about opening nights for both live and recorded entertainment.  During this time I also stopped writing, gave up trying to come up with new ideas and fast forward a couple of years and without a single moment of hesitation I moved my entire stories folder into the rubbish bin on my desktop.  A year after that I got a new laptop and those files were left behind completely; a vague memory in my mind but nothing tangible to see or pick pieces from.

Fast forward again and I'm a bit older still, flying through university by the skin of my teeth, spending every other week shaking off not only the self-doubt but also the thoughts that crept in over night, thoughts of I can't do this and I don't want to do this that echoed in my mind.   I still wanted to act but everyday leant more towards the creative process rather than being in the spotlight myself; and my word documents and notebooks were still only filled with lecture notes and essays rather than anything enjoyable or creative.  But then my hatred of writing essays led to me taking a chance,throwing caution to the wind and opting to pick Playwriting instead of a dissertation for my third year project.

Let's just recap that last bit- hadn't written anything creative in years let alone academically creative and decided "oh whatever, I'll do it" when faced with the chance to not only write creatively but write a play for the first time ever..carpe diem indeed!  So even though I didn't enjoy university at all I can't be sorry or regret choosing the course I did because if I had chosen a different university, not only would I not know the people I do now but I wouldn't have had the option to write a play this past year.  Now I've started writing again I don't want to stop, being creative and channeling my own ideas into an actual piece of writing has quickly become a favourite way to spend my time.

happy, overwhelmed, excited & emotional - ten minutes before submitting.
Throughout the past year I wrote my way out of a degree I hated and into one I can look back on positively, I wrote my way back into a long-lost love of creativity and ambition and I wrote my way towards a possible career.   After having years of feeling like the creative equivalent of a mud pond I now feel like an ocean again, with bubbles, coral and pretty fish all swimming around in my head. I have no concrete idea of what form my writing will take-or if I'll even stick to one kind! At the the moment my ideas include novels, another play, redrafting my third year play into a film and I've even been working on a few poems (one of which you will be seeing on here soon!), but I'm completely loving writing and coming up with new ideas again.  Even though I whole-heartedly regret deleting my own stories all those years ago, and if I could re-do the past three years I would opt for a drama and creative writing combined degree I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason; and if that reason is me refinding my passion, my love for writing and creating characters and new worlds then that's a good enough reason for me.  It doesn't take away the fact that university was a stressful and almost unlikeable experience at time but it does add a bit of shine to the end result.  As cheesy and cliche as it sounds my creative spark has been re-lit and I'm not going to let it go out again

I'm also using pinterest on & off to create boards, some more personal to me but a lot are character based and if you're interested to see which pins I'm shaping into ideas then you can find that here.

love el

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post on sunday!

A long long time ago I went to a magical world, took over one hundred photos and then completely forgot to do anything with them.. I'm splitting the blame between university deadlines, performance stress and my inability to remember things like photos of the best day at the place in the world: The Harry Potter Studios!  It's now been well over a month since I visited with my family and since my evenings are my own again I have both the time and the energy to go through all the photos, picking and choosing my favourites for a blog post (which, sorry Uncle Vernon, is going up on Sunday!)

Black & Yellow; hello! #housepride

Honestly half of my camera roll of the entire day was this swinging pendulum!  It's just so beautifully stunning and just wow.

My favourite areas were undoubtedly The Burrow, Dumbledore's Office and Diagon Alley, they were each so completely unique and I genuinely felt like I was stood in the corner or at the end of the road.

The unbelievable amount of detail in absolutely everything just blew me away completely and I watched the knitting on the chair in the burrow move for a solid few minutes,

Even in the highest windows you could see curtains or things piled high which added the perfect final touch to an incredible alley.

Funnily enough we visited on a Sunday, which meant that there were even more people also wandering around taking in the magic and trying to take their photos which was a little too crowded for me at times but these two on the Knight Bus amused me as they look like actual passenger and conductor. 

The entire day was amazing and magical and quite honestly the best 21st birthday present I could ever wish for, I can't wait to go back one day!

Have you been? Which areas were your favourite?

love el

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