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Your teenage years are a weird time of life. 

Add in realising halfway through Year Nine that girls are so much nicer than boys in every single way - and then promptly pushing that thought to the very back of your mind to deal with later on (anyone else procrastinate dealing with their sexuality or was that just me) my teenage years were a very weird, confusing time for me.  I had no idea why I felt like I had to actively pick a boy to crush on when it seemed that most people around me seemed to just fall into liking someone.

Review: Hearts Like Hers

*sounds the klaxon, rings all the bells and sets off the alarm* because IT'S REVIEW TIME! I was incredibly fortunate to get to read Hearts Like Hers by Melissa Brayden a month early through Netgalley and I've been holding on to this post since then so as to upload it at just the right time.  Publication day is now only three days away so I think it's probably now!  This was a 4 Star read for me and one I shall definitely be reading again at some point this year.

frosty autumn mornings | happy thing 4

I was walking to work this morning through the snow and thinking how pretty it looked when I suddenly remembered that way back in November last year I got up early and went for a walk with my camera just as the frost was beginning to melt.  I meant to publish a few of them on here at the time but for some reason never did so here is today's happy thing:  crisp, frosty, beautiful autumn mornings.

one day at a time | happy thing 3

*this post does contain spoilers for One Day At A Time Seasons 1 & 2*

Last January I opened up Netflix to find that a brand new show had landed. Thirteen episodes of an American sitcom sounded like an easy watch and truth be told I honestly wasn't expecting to find it ground breaking or even that interesting but I had nothing else to watch and over a week left of my Christmas holiday so I clicked play.  I clicked play and instantly fell in love.  The humour was perfectly balanced, it discussed a range of topics from school shoes to mental health, the characters were wonderfully crafted (and beautifully acted) and I laughed out loud every single episode even if I'd just been crying my eyes out at the scene previously.  I watched it once then and twice more in the twelve months since; counting down the days until last Friday when the second season would be landing back on my screen.