afternoon tea at claridges

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Way back when I was a little first year I ventured off out into London to see the Christmas lights being turned on and ended up taking a photo outside Claridges; and after telling my mum about it we decided that at some point we would find an occasion and have afternoon tea there.  Three years later we finally sat down for afternoon tea and wow.  It was so worth the wait.

As well afternoon tea being something we've wanted to do for ages it fell at the perfect time. My mum turned 50 in March, I was 21 in February, my brother has just finished his first year of university and I've just finished university altogether so it was a celebration of several milestones!

I didn't take many photos and those I did take were only iPhone shots as I just wanted to enjoy the afternoon rather than be waving my camera around and trying to get perfect backgrounds.

They have a billion types of teas and as much as I love the stuff my knowledge is definintely not vast enough to even begin to know where to start but thankfully they have a tea journey option where they select which teas you drink based on what you are having at the time! 

We started our journey off with an Oolong: wonderfully named 'Iron Goddess of Mercy', moved onto Claridges Blend afternoon tea and finished with a beautifully refreshing lemongrass. My brother, a firm non-tea drinker tried all three and even enjoyed two of them!

The sandwiches came with a mini sweet carrot cake which I honestly could have just eaten an entire plateful of and been content forever.  They were heavenly.

The "jam" the scones came with was actually a Marco Polo gelee which I have no idea what it actually is but it was essentially tea jam and was also, surprise surprise, heavenly.  I'm a jam person anyway so maybe I'm slightly biased but all jams should aspire to be as nice as the Claridges not-jam!

The cakes we couldn't actually manage at the time so we got them packed up in little boxes and took them back to our hotel where they made a wonderful 11pm snack.

All in all it was an amazing experience and honestly we spent most of the walk back thinking up more occasions when we can return!  The waiters were so patient and helpful, we didn't feel rushed at all (which was especially nice because snails move faster than I eat) and it was just such a lovely afternoon!

Have you ever had afternoon tea - Claridges or elsewhere?  If you have let me know so we can excitedly chat about tea and cake in the comments!

love el


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