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When I say I've always been a reader it's a tiny bit of a white lie.  I've definitely loved books since I could hold them and chew the corners whilst my Mum read to me but I haven't always read them as much as I should.  My final year of sixth form was the beginning of a three year long reading slump - I did read during that time, but it was mainly in the summer months.  Even with a small bookcase full of books in my university room I just couldn't seem to finish them.  Thankfully this major reading slump has well and truly vanished - I managed to read just over thirty books in the second half of last year and am currently still going strong.  Up until this week that is.  I started one book, I started another, I started a third book and just couldn't get through any of them.  But even though I didn't pick up a book in four days I still managed to read seven multi-chapter fiction pieces! The answer - fan fiction.

Even in my days where I would barely touch a physical book in months I would quite happily whizz through a 50k+ fan fiction online and even though I have fallen back in love with books again I will still click through various tags and authors to find just what I'm looking for in the moment.

writing writing writing | happy thing 2

Hello and happy Sunday evening everyone!

I've spent the past few days being a busy little bee and planned out all my posts for the rest of January but somehow (despite knowing exactly what I would put) forgot to write up today's post - this weeks happy thing!  I discovered this when I went to click publish this morning and found nothing to click on..whoops!  But I'm now fresh out of the shower and ready to write..

Literally ready to write.

A few of you may have seen this on twitter / instagram (and thankyou all so much for the amazing replies I've received) but in case you missed the news this weeks Happy Thing is that on Friday I got told I have a place on a Creative Writing MA in September!!!!

remembering the happy things

I'm following the example of a ton of different people when I say this but I have decided to give myself a word of the year this year.  It's something I've never done before and honestly I don't really know why I've decided to this year but I have and it's in my bullet journal now so there's no going back.. (Fun fact: bullet journaling is also something I've never done before this year too, I'm like a new person!)

Anyway; I have a word of the year and it is Balance.

There are number of reasons for my choice, one of them being I want to learn how to do a handstand this year and you have to have balance to do one.  But you also need practice, flexibility and strength - I can't throw myself into a 30 day Handstand challenge tomorrow because I will 100% hurt myself / break something.  To learn how to do a handstand I first need to work on my core strength so after a two month break I'm getting back on the yoga horse.  There's a few more elements to it than that but that's the point - I need the right amount of all them to balance together and work in harmony before I can begin to balance myself on my hands.
First handstand attempt - it consists of kicking both legs up in the air and hoping for the best.

2018 Reading Challenge | #readingitqueer

Hello Hello and Happy New Year!

 If you follow me on anything you might already know this but (drum roll please) I have decided to set myself the challenge of only reading books with a LGBTQ+ element during 2018!

This element could be a queer character, relationship, theme or total point of the plot.  Whether its a comic book, series, memoir, YA or adult; any genre and any style if it has a queer element to it then I'm going to try and read it this year.  The only rule I'm setting is that the element has to be explicitly stated within the book itself; no subtext or vague author comments are going to count this year so I'm saying farewell to my Harry Potter re-read as well as a vast majority of my old favourites.