gays gone by: a readathon announcement!

READATHON ALERT!! sound the alarms, the klaxons and the bells because a readathon is on the horizon!! more specifically a queer AND historical readathon!

Sapphic Shelves: an introduction

hello hello and welcome to my new blog series: sapphic shelves! if you've been around my blog for any length of time (or follow me elsewhere online) then it will be no surprise to you that i'm a Big fan of sapphic literature.

it's my favourite pairing to read and a good 70% of my TBR is just gay girls falling for each other in a hundred different ways. i do spend some of my time shouting about queer lit (most often on my bookstagram) but i've decided to shout about it a little more because why not!

guess who's back? (i'll give you a clue - it's me!)

hello, nice to see you again! it's been the longest time since my last post and even before then i wasn't exactly what you might call a 'frequent blogger' so i figured before i launch a whole heap of New Content at you, i should probably re-introduce myself first.