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the importance of being represented

I remember searching desperately for characters who looked like me (or rather, looked like the thing that I might be but was too scared to admit yet, even to myself.) I stared at every blurb I found, scanning the shelves at the school library, the public library and the ones in the bookshops in the hope that suddenly there would be a bright beam of rainbow light and any potential queer book there would launch itself into my arms. Unsurprisingly, that didn't happen.

LGBTQ+ recs for Summerathon

Summerathon is taking place over a week in June (21st - 27th) and I'm intending on joining in as much as I can with the prompts! If the weather is nice enough I may even take one of these to the beach for added summer feeling. As it is Pride month I decided to put together a little rec list of queer books that fit the Summerathon prompts (is anyone surprised? probably not...) 

Two Like Me and You Blog Tour | Review

hello and welcome back to another review!

Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs is a YA contemporary and I laughed out loud, nearly cried and wanted to give almost every character a hug about seven times a chapter.  Thankyou to Netgalley, Xpresso Book Tours and Chad Alan Gibbs for allowing me to read this wonderful story.