it's about us.


I just wanted to spill out some feelings and thoughts about the LGBT fans deserve better movement.
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When Dana died I was heartbroken, she was one of my favourite characters and her storyline could have gone on to be so good and helpful for hundreds of girls.   However once I wiped away my tears I was fine,  I still  had about seven other women, gay women, to watch and love.

When Lexa died I was heartbroken and angry, she was one of my favourite characters and her storyline could have gone on to be so good and helpful for hundreds of girls.  However when I wiped away my tears I was still angry, I no longer had any one I could look to, to watch and love.  No one that represented me as a lesbian, as a girl who just happens to love other girls.

Watching Friends Carol & Susan gave little gay me hope, hope that I could one day figure out what I was feeling, that I could one day fall in love with a girl, that I could be happy and in love and loved.  But since Friends? I've only had a handful of onscreen wlw; even fewer in relationships and even fewer still who are alive at the end of the shows run.

Since Lexa's death I've lost count of the number of women-loving-women (wlw) who have died or been killed (one of which was thanks to the creator of the L word, Ilene Chaiken), and yes many of them have been from under the same TV company- but the company itself is completely irrelevant.   
     This movement is starting to really become something; media outlets are taking notice, companies and taking notice and potential future writers and showrunners are taking notice.  If we stop now we go right back to invisibility and/or death; and if we start arguing amongst ourselves about what to trend then this movement will fizzle out, people will stop taking us seriously and we go right back to invisibility and/or death. 

     It doesn't matter what we trend, it only matters that we do trend, that we stay together and we stay united.  Our moment is now; let's make it count.

    It's not about one character or one company. It's about us.  It's about us standing up for ourselves and standing up for those who can't.  It's about us standing up and standing together.  It's about us fighting back and showing that they can't just throw us a bone every now and then and think it counts.  It's about us hurting every time they kill off the only person we relate to because they got bored, or couldn't be bothered to work out a schedule.  It's about us deserving better and it's about us getting what we need.  

                                                                It's about us.

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~If you want to find out more about the movement I recommend these two sites:

LGBT Fans Deserve Better 

We Deserved Better

~To donate to the Trevor Project Leskru fund:

~ Learn more about why the Trevor Project is so important:

~My previous post on why minorities deserve better:

rainy days..


Today has been one of those overcast gloomy rainy days which always have two possible outcomes- I become as gloomy as the weather or I find a good book, make several cups of tea and just sit all warm and peaceful inside while the rain hurls itself at the window.  Today is the latter of the two rainy day outcomes..

      Most of my day has been spent reading, I felt in the mood for a feel good fluffy book this morning so grabbed Jenny Colgan's Little Beach Street Bakery which makes me both hungry for everything breadlike and also longing for a puffin.. I really love all of Jenny's books; they are such a good way of turning my brain off and just escaping into a world without getting confused or having to concentrate really hard to understand, perfect for a relaxing rainy day!

 I've also taken the time to treat my hands and nails to a buffing & moisturising session; which after non-stop nail varnish wearage over the past few months they really needed! I've given them a break from the colours this past week and figured that an at home 'treatment' would be a good thing!  
 I use my mum's Soap & Co set (pictured below) and honestly I love it so much, my nails look so much better and healthier just from spending half an hour on them this morning and I can still smell faint traces of the handcream.

     I'm still a newbie to this whole blogging thing and therefore am just working on writing posts which I enjoy reading, (as well as remembering to write them in the first place!) which is why I've written this post today!

Hope your day (rainy or not) has been wonderful; let me know in the comments what you've been up to; or what you like to do on rainy weekend days!  and now I'm going to curl up on the sofa with another cup of tea and continue reading.

love el

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in march..


this just a quick monthly round up of some of my march favourites!

book:  A Man Called Ove: Fredrik Backman
       Although this book took me a while to pick up and read, once I did I flew through the chapters like there was no tomorrow.  I laughed, I cried, I cried while laughing and then I laughed while crying.  It's such a sweet book but it also has a very strong and positive message once you get past Ove's grumbling; the only thing about this book is that it's quite fragmented and the chapters don't follow on from each other chronologically which I both enjoyed but was also slightly bugged by as I got a little confused by the timeline in the middle- however this is probably due more to my concentration than the book itself and it's definitely going on my read again list as well as my recommend list!

film: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
        Despite never having seen the first one (I know, I don't really know how I haven't) my mum and I spent last Friday afternoon at the cinema watching the second Greek Wedding film and I absolutely loved it! Funny, clever, heart warming and awkwardly cute; it made me smile, feel slightly sad and laugh out loud along with the rest of the cinema! Definitely recommend giving this one a watch- whether you've seen the first one or not as it all made sense to me (although I am planning to watch the first one soon!). 

evening: Tuesday
         I spent Tuesday evening in a pub with my college friends and in the first hour I'd smiled and laughed so much that my face ached.  None of the conversations were important or even made sense but it was such a lovely time, they are some of the only people with whom I can really let my guard down and just be ridiculous.

social media movement: all the twitter trends
       In the last few weeks several phrases and statements have reached the top 10 trending position on twitter including 'minorities are are not disposeable' 'bury tropes not us' and 'LGBT fans deserve better'.  Although this started out as a reaction to one lesbian character being killed off it has progressed into a movement that is slowly turning the tide with media outlets or companies taking notice and becoming aware of the situation and the trevor project donations going through the roof.  (For more information on the movement / how to get involved in choosing what we will trend next go to-

makeup product: Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer
       I have to admit that this is my first primer I've ever used but I'm really loving it; I've only worn it under foundation a few times so far but each time my makeup has looked a lot smoother and stayed put for hours.  At only £6.99 it's definitely something I'll  consider rebuying when it runs out as it does make a positive difference and hasn't caused any spots or blemishes to flare up.

outfit: 'Tea, Create, Sleep' Jumper

        A few weeks ago I was aimlessly scrolling through many different clothing websites when I spotted this jumper on which is so completely and utterly me I just had to buy it!  It's super comfy, a really nice light grey which looks good with blue jeans & black leggings (definitely a note worthy point.) and I'm so in love with it it's unreal!  Pretty much worn it non stop since it arrived (not even a week after I ordered it!) and unless the weather warms up a little bit I don't see that changing any time soon.

do you have any good march favourites? let me know in the comments

love eloise 

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