Reading It Queer: The Sequel | Readathon Announcement

It's nearly Pride Month and I am SO excited because for the second year running I am going to be hosting a month long readathon that is all about queer books!

April Wrap-up: OWL's, Easter Readathon and Romance Books

April was an incredibly good reading month for me, I took part in two different readathons (OWL's by G at BookRoast & the Easter Readathon by Kate at Reading Through Infinity) and then had an entire week where I only read F/F romance books! In total I read 17 books - 11 physical and 6 e-books, one of which I read twice because it was so good.

gays gone by: a readathon announcement!

READATHON ALERT!! sound the alarms, the klaxons and the bells because a readathon is on the horizon!! more specifically a queer AND historical readathon!

Sapphic Shelves: an introduction

hello hello and welcome to my new blog series: sapphic shelves! if you've been around my blog for any length of time (or follow me elsewhere online) then it will be no surprise to you that i'm a Big fan of sapphic literature.

it's my favourite pairing to read and a good 70% of my TBR is just gay girls falling for each other in a hundred different ways. i do spend some of my time shouting about queer lit (most often on my bookstagram) but i've decided to shout about it a little more because why not!

guess who's back? (i'll give you a clue - it's me!)

hello, nice to see you again! it's been the longest time since my last post and even before then i wasn't exactly what you might call a 'frequent blogger' so i figured before i launch a whole heap of New Content at you, i should probably re-introduce myself first.

Queer 2020 Releases I Can't Wait For (Part 1)

This is in no way an exhaustive list of queer titles that are being released in the first half of this year because we are being spoiled! There's honestly at least ten coming out (ha) each month which is unbelievably awesome and makes me so, so happy! But the same books don't appeal to everyone and therefore I decided to make a list purely of the releases that I am most excited about. There are some I've left off because of the genre (you'll notice that this list is 99% contemporary YA) or it's a series I haven't yet started or even because I am looking forward to it coming out but am just unlikely to actually read it this year.