Adult Sapphic Recs

Hello and welcome to my giant adult sapphic rec list!

This is in no way an exhaustive list, if I tried to include them all I'd never manage to actually publish it but I've tried to include a vast range of authors and genres, and I will update this semi-regularly throughout time! I've combined all sorts of contemporary sub-generes together but historical fiction and fantasy / sci-fi have their own section at the bottom and everything is organised alphabetically by author last name.  If you're more into Young Adult or New Adult then you can check out my rec list of those titles here!

Disclaimer: I created these rec lists entirely by myself and therefore any mistakes are mine. If you know that a specific author / book is missing please fill in this form and  I will add them when I next update the rec list. 

[Last updated: 2/10/2020]


Robin Alexander:
    Dear Me

Laura Ambrose:
    A Hidden Hope
    A Perfect Balance
    An Unheard Song

Eliza Andrews:
    To Have Loved and Lost
    Anika Takes the Long Way Home up Soul Mountain

Kiki Archer:
    Too Late I Love You
    Binding Devotion
    But She is my Student
    One Foot onto the Ice
    When You Know
    Lost in the Starlight
    A Fairytale of Possibilities
    The Way You Smile
    Say You’ll Love Me Again

Mia Archer:
    Second Chances

Clare Ashton:
    That Certain Something 
    Poppy Jenkins
    After Mrs Hamilton
    The Goodmans
    Finding Jessica Lambert

Georgia Beers
    Starting From Scratch
    Too Close to Touch
    96 Hours 
    Turning the Page
    A Little Bit of Spice
    Finding Home
    Run to You
    Right Here, Right Now
    The Shape of You
    The Do-Over

G. Benson:
    Who’d Have Thought
    Flinging It
    All The Little Moments

S. Renee Bess:   
    Leave of Absence
    Breaking Jaie
    The Butterfly Moments
    The Rules

Heather Blackmore:
    It’s Not a Date

Harper Bliss:
    Seasons of Love
    Summer Heat
    The Road to You
    At the Water’s Edge
    A Shot at Love (Village Romance 1)
    A Taste of Love (Village Romance 2)
    A Lesson in Love (Village Romance 3)
    Release the Stars
    In the Distance There is Light
    Once in a Lifetime
    Far From the World We Know
    Summer’s End
    Fool For Love
    If You Kiss Me Like That
    Two Hearts Alone (Two Hearts Trilogy 1)
    Two Hearts Together (Two Hearts Trilogy 2)
    Two Hearts Forever (Two Hearts Trilogy 3)
    It Takes Two
    New Girl
    No Strings Attached (Pink Bean 1)
    Beneath the Surface (Pink Bean 2)
    Everything Between Us (Pink Bean 3)
    This Foreign Affair (Pink Bean 4)
    Water Under Bridges (Pink Bean 5)
    Few Hearts Survive (Pink Bean Novella)
    No Other Love (Pink Bean 6)
    Love Without Limits (Pink Bean 7)
    Crazy for You (Pink Bean 8)
    More than Words (Pink Bean 9)
    A Breathless Place

Melissa Brayden:
    First Position
    Waiting in the Wings
    How Sweet It Is
    Strawberry Summer
    Heart Block
    Eyes like Those (Seven Shores 1)
    Hearts like Hers (Seven Shores 2)
    Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores 3)
    Love Like This (Seven Shores 4)
    Beautiful Dreamer
    Back to September
    Kiss the Girl (Soho Loft 1)
    Just Three Words (Soho Loft 2)
    Ready or Not (Soho Loft 3)
    To the Moon and Back
    Two to Tangle

Lorelie Brown:
    Far From Home (Belladonna Ink 1)
    Take Me Home (Belladonna Ink 2)
    Her Hometown Girl (Belladonna Ink 3)

Sylvia Brownrigg:
    Pages for You
    Pages for Her

Anna Burke:
    Spindrift (A Seal Cove Romance 1)

Chelsea M Cameron:
    Style (The OTP Series 1)
    Chord (The OTP Series 2)
    Marriage of Unconvenience
    Unveiled Attraction
    Second Kiss (Violet Hill 1)
    Double Exposure (Violet Hill 2)
    Second Chance (Violet Hill 3)
    Didn’t Stay in Vegas
    The Girl Next Door
    Christmas Inn Maine
    Bring Her On

Lucy Carey:
    Carolyn for Christmas

Alyssa Cole:
    Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

Lily Craig:
    Never Just Friends
    Pretend Girlfriend
    When She Thaws
    Gal Pals
    Listing Date
    The House (ShudderCon 1)
    In Her Eyes

Maggie Cummings:
    Perfect Partners
    Totally Worth It (Bay West Social 1)
    Serious Potential (Bay West Social 2)
    Definite Possibility (Bay West Social 3)
    Brooklyn Summer

Kate Davies:
    In at the Deep End

Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn:
    Here Comes the Sun

Ingrid Diaz:
    Alix and Valerie

Katherine V Forrest:
    Curious Wine 
    Daughters of a Coral Dawn 
    Daughters of an Amber Noon 
    Daughters of an Emerald Dust 
    An Emergence of Green 
    Amateur City (Kate Delafield 1)
    Murder at the Nightwood Bar (Kate Delafield 2)
    The Beverly Malibu (Kate Delafield 3)
    Murder by Tradition (Kate Delafield 4)
    Liberty Square (Kate Delafield 5)
    Apparition Alley (Kate Delafield 6)
    Sleeping Bones (Kate Delafield 7)
    Hancock Park (Kate Delafield 8)
    High Desert (Kate Delafield 9)

Penelope Friday:
    Propositioning Pollyanna
    When You’re a Girl and She’s a Girl

Avon Gale:
    The Love Song of Sawyer Bell

Shira Glassman:
    Knit One, Girl Two

Gabrielle Goldsby:
    Such a Pretty Face
    Wall of Silence

Melissa Good:
    Tropical Storm (Dar & Kerry 1)
    Hurricane Watch (Dar & Kerry 2)
    Eye of the Storm (Dar & Kerry 3)
    Red Sky at Morning (Dar & Kerry 4)
    Thicker Than Water (Dar & Kerry 5)
    Terrors of the High Seas (Dar & Kerry 6)
    Tropical Convergence (Dar & Kerry 7)
    Stormy Waters (Dar & Kerry 8)
    Moving Target (Dar & Kerry 9)

Charlotte Anne Hamilton:
    The Image of Deception

Jea Hawkins:
    Fire on Ice
    Something About You 
    Something About Us     
    Must Love Chickens 
    Meant to Be 
    Game of Hearts 
    Lady in Waiting 
    A Vote for Love 
    As Long as Love Lasts 
    Forever Valentine
    If Only You Knew
    A Brief History of Longing
    All for Love
    The Storyteller

Pene Henson:
    Storm Season

Gerri Hill:
    Hunter’s Way
    Behind the Pine Curtain
    Snow Falls
    Love Waits
    No Strings
    Devil’s Rock
    One Summer Night
    The Secret Pond
    The Rainbow Cedar
    The Neighbour
    Sawmill Springs
    The Roundabout

M Hollis:
    A Night at the Mall
    Ripped Pages
    My Fake Canadian Wife

Wendy Hudson:
    Meant to be Me
    Mine to Keep
    Four Steps

K. L Hughes:
    Popcorn Love
    The Art of Us
    The Wrong McElroy

    Falling Hard 
    The Morning After 
    Under A Falling Star
    Just for Show
    Departure from the Script (Hollywood 1)
    Damage Control (Hollywood 2)
    Dress-Tease (Hollywood 2.5)
    Just Physical (Hollywood 3)
    The Roommate Agreement
    The Midnight Couch
    Perfect Rhythm (Fair Oaks 1)
    Facing the Music (Fair Oaks 1.5)
    Not The Marrying Kind (Fair Oaks 2)
    Heart Trouble 
    Falling Hard
    Paper Love 
    Not the Marrying Kind 
    Something in the Wine
    Backwards to Oregon (Oregon 1)
    Hidden Truths (Oregon 2)
    Lessons in Love and Life (Oregon 2.5)
    Beyond The Trail (Oregon 0.5, 0.75, 1.5, 1.75)
    Wrong Number, Right Woman
    Happily Ever After

Carla Kincaid:
    Playing for Keeps

T. Kingfisher:
    The Raven and the Reindeer

Larissa Lai:
    When Fox is a Thousand

K E Lane:
    And Playing the Role of Herself

Luna Lopez:
    Where My Heart Lies

K. C. Luck:
    Darkness Falls
    Darkness Reamins
    Rescue Her Heart

Clare Lydon:
    Nothing to Lose
    Once Upon a Princess
    London Calling (London 1)
    This London Love (London 2)
    A Girl Called London (London 3)
    The London of Us (London 4)
    London, Actually (London 5)    
    Made in London (London 6)
    One Golden Summer
    Twice in a Lifetime 
    The Long Weekend
    It Had to be You
    All I Want for Christmas (All I Want 1)
    All I Want for Valentines (All I Want 2)
    All I Want for Spring (All I Want 3)
    All I Want for Summer (All I Want 4)
    All I Want for Autumn (All I Want 5)
    All I Want Forever (All I Want 6)
    You’re My Kind 
    Before You Say I Do

Cara Malone:
    Falling Gracefully 
    The Rules of Love (Rulebook 1)
    The Rules of Engagement (Rulebook 2)
    The Rules of Parenthood (Rulebook 3)
    Fixer Upper 
    The Origins of Heartbreak (Lakeside Hospital 1)
    A Cut Above (Lakeside Hospital 2)
    Love Trauma (Lakeside Hospital 3)
    Labor of Love (Lakeside Hospital 4)    
    Mouth to Mouth (Lakeside Hospital 5)
    Trail Magic
    Lucky in Love (Fur-ever Veterinary 1)
    Foxy Lady (Fur-ever Veterinary 2)
    Puppy Love (Fur-ever Veterinary 3)
    The Beginning of Everything

Jenn Matthews:
    Hooked on You

Ann McMan:

Mia McKenzie:
    The Summer We Got Free

K. A Moll:
    Soul Mates 
    For a Moments Indiscretion 
    Change of Heart (Heart 1)
    Whispers of the Heart (Heart 2)
    Coming to Terms 
    Haunting Love 
    Blue Ice Landing 
    Twice Upon a Train
    Emma’s Island

Sheryn Munir:
    Falling Into Place

H P Munro:
    Grace Falls
    Saving Grace
    Silver Falls
    Stars Collide
    Mutual Benefits

Emma Nichols:
    Finding You     
    Remember Us 
    The Hangover 
    Summer Fate (Duckton-by-Dale 1)
    Blind Faith (Duckton-by-Dale 2)
    Christmas Bizarre (Duckton-by-Dale 3)

Meghan O’Brien:
    Camp Rewind

Michelle Osgood:
    The Better to Kiss You With

Lori A Paige:
    Passion’s Legacy

Tamsen Parker:
    Fire on the Ice 
    If I Loved You Less 
    In Her Court

Camille Perri:
        When Katie Met Cassidy

    Above All, Honor (Honor 1)
    Honor Bound (Honor 2)
    Love & Honor (Honor 3)
    Honor Guards (Honor 4)
    Honor Reclaimed (Honor 5)
    Honor Under Siege (Honor 6)
    Word of Honor (Honor 7)
    Code of Honor (Honor 8)
    Price of Honor (Honor 9)
    Cost of Honor (Honor 10)
    Turn Back Time 
    Night Call 
    Trauma Alert 
    Oath of Honor
    Fated Love
    Safe Harbor (Provincetown Tales 1)
    Beyond the Breakwater (Provincetown Tales 2)
    Distant Shores, Silent Thunder (Provincetown Tales 3)
    Storms of Change (Provincetown Tales 4)    
    Winds of Fortune (Provincetown Tales 5)
    Returning Tales (Provincetown Tales 6)
    Sheltering Dunes (Provincetown Tales 7)
    Treacherous Seas (Provincetown Tales 8)
    Passions Bright Fury

A.E Radley / Amanda Radley:
    Flight SQA01 (Flight 1)
    Grounded (Flight 2)
    Journey’s End (Flight 3)
    Going Up
    Bring Holly Home (Remember Me 1)
    Keep Holly Close (Remember Me 2)
    Holly Hollydays (Remember Me 2.5)
    Second Chances
    The Road Ahead (Around the World 1)
    The Big Uneasy (Around the World 2)
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Lost at Sea
    The Startling Inaccuracy of the First Impression
    A Swedish Christmas Fairy tale
    Climbing the Ladder
    Ice Cream Wars
    Death Before Dessert
    The Unexpected New Best Friend
Aurora Rey:
    Recipe for Love
    Built to Last    
    Winter’s Harbor (Cape End 1)
    Summer’s Cove (Cape End 2)
    Spring’s Wake (Cape End 3)
    Autumn’s Light (Cape End 4)
    The Last Place You Look
    Lead Carousel
    Twice Shy
    The Inn at Netherfield Green
    Crescent City Confidential

Fiona Riley:
    Miss Match (Match 1)
    Unlikely Match (Match 2)
    Strike a Match (Match 3)
    Media Darling
    Room Service
    Not Since You
    Bet Against Me

Shamim Sharif:
    I Can’t Think Straight
    The World Unseen

Ceillie Simkiss:
    Learning Curves (Learning Curves 1)
    The Ghosts of Halloween (Learning Curves 1.5)
    Wrapped Up In You (Learning Curves 2)
    Second Wind

Rachel Spangler:
    Fire and Ice
    The Long Way Home
    Perfect Pairing
    In Development
    Edge of Glory
    Does She Love You?
    Full English
    Learning Curve
    Close to Home
    Heart of the Game
    Love All

Ellie Spark:
    Love Out of Order (Love Stories 1)
    Love on the Run (Love Stories 2)
    Love Undercover (Love Stories 3)
    Love for Hire (Love Stories 4)
    Love Under Fire (Love Stories 5)
    Love on the Move (Love Stories 6)

Elle Spencer:
    Casting Lacey 
    Forget Her Not
    The Road to Madison
    30 Dates in 30 Days
    Waiting for You

Elyse Springer:

C. M Spivey:
    From Under the Mountain

Nell Stark:
    The Princess Affair (Princess 1)
    The Princess and the Prix (Princess 2)
    The Princess Deception (Princess 3)
    Running with the Wind
    All In

Emma Sterner-Radley:
    Life Pushes You Along 
    Greengage Plots (Greengage 1)
    Greengage Holiday Cheer (Greengage 1.5)
    Greengage Shelf (Greengage 2)
    Ice Cream Wars
    Long Distance Coffee (Midnight Coffee 1)
    Coffee and Conclusions (Midnight Coffee 2)
    Pining and Loving
    Once in Sweden

Karelia Stetz-Waters:
    Something True 
    For Good 
    Worth the Wait 

Melissa Tereze:
    Forget Me Not 
    More Than A Feeling 
    Where We Belong 
    The Heat of Summer
    Forever Yours
    Before You Go

P. J Trebelhorn:
    The Right Kind of Wrong 
    Twice in a Lifetime 
    From This Moment On 
    On the Fly 
    True Confessions
    Face Off
    Desperate Measures
    Trusting Tomorrow
    Hopes and Dreams
    Taking a Gamble 

M. Ullrich:
    Fortunate Sum 
    Love at Last Call 

Chace Verity:
    Just Some Things

Yolanda Wallace:
    Tailor Made
    Month of Sundays 
    Lucky Loser 
    Murphy’s Law 
    In Media Res 
    The War Within 

Alice Walker:
    The Colour Purple 

Karis Walsh:
    Set the Stage 
    Love on Lavender Lane 

Rebekah Weatherspoon:
    At Her Feet
    Better off Red (Vampire Sorority Sisters 1)
    Blacker than Blue (Vampire Sorority Sisters 2)
    Soul to Keep (Vampire Sorority Sisters 3)
    The Fling

Natasha West:
    Just Married?
    Only Ever You
    The Plus One
    Never The Bride
    Close Ups and Mess Ups
    A Marriage of Connivance
    The Match Maker
    200 Hours
    Sweetest Thing
    Waiting for the Punchline
    The Drop Out
    Meet You at the End of the World
    Chase Me

Mary Wilbon:
    One Last Kiss

Lee Winter:
    Breaking Character 
    The Brutal Truth 
    Under Your Skin 
    The Red Files 
    Requiem for Immortals 

Erin Zak:
    Breaking Down Her Walls
    The Road Home
    Create a Life to Love
    Falling into Her
    Beautiful Accidents
    The Other Women


Jane Alden:
    Across a Crowded Room

Kayla Bashe:
    Graveyard Sparrow 
    Bluebell Hall 

Laura Carlin:
    The Wicked Cometh

Zen Cho:
    The True Queen

Alyssa Cole:
    That Could Be Enough

Jesalin Creswell:
    Her Hardest Choice
    Her Most Secret Affair
    Her Unexpected Mistake

Marie S. Crosswell:

Emma Donoghue:
    The Sealed Letter

Jeannelle M. Ferreira:
    The Covert Captain: Or, A Marriage of Equals 

Fannie Flagg:
    Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop CafĂ© 

Penelope Friday:
    Petticoats and Promises 
    The Sisterhood 
    Loving My Lady 

Jewelle L. Gomez:
    The Gilda Stories

Molly Beth Griffin:
    Silhouette of a Sparrow

Elizabeth Hart:
    Lily of the Tower 

Radclyffe Hall:
    The Well of Loneliness

Charlotte Anne Hamilton:
    Lambs Can Always Become Lions
    Lions Can Always Learn to Roar

Patty G. Henderson:
    Shadows of the Heart 
    The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe 
    Castle of Dark Shadows 
    Passion for Vengeance 

Patricia Highsmith:
    Carol / The Price of Salt

Helen Humphreys:

Ellen Klages:
    Passing Strange

Kim Larabee:
    Behind the Mask 

Michelle Martin:
    Pembroke Park

Farah Mendlesohn:
    Spring Flowering

Courteney Milan:
    Mrs Martin’s Incomparable Adventures

Cherry Muhanji:

Emma Nichols:

Taylor Jenkins Reid:
    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 

    Innocent Hearts (Prairie Hearts 1)
    Promising Hearts (Prairie Hearts 2)

Cat Sebastian:
    A Little Light Mischief

Sophie Schiller:
    Island on Fire

Fiona Shaw:
    Tell it to the Bees

Lillian E. Smith:
    Strange Fruit

Keira Michelle Telford:
    Never Come to Rest

Connie Valientis:
    The Arrival of Lady Suthmeer 

Olivia Waite:
    The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics
    The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows

Sarah Waters:
    Tipping the Velvet 
    The Paying Guests

Meryl Wilsner:
    Something to Talk About

Virginia Woolf:


Aliette de Bodard
    In the Vanishers’ Palace

Anna Burke:
    Compass Rose (Compass Rose 1)
    Nottingham: The True Story of Robyn Hood

Jea Hawkins:
    A Charmed Life (The Ashland Witches 1)
    A Garden Dream (The Ashland Witches 2)
    A Magick Dance (The Ashland Witches 3)
    A Prairie Love (The Ashland Witches 4)

K L Hughes:
    The Sea

Margaret Killjoy:
    Into the Grey

Cara Malone:
    Seeing Red

Elizabeth May & Laura Lam:
    Seven Devils

Emma Sterner-Radley:
    Whispering Wildwood
    Silver Beasts
    Making a Tinderbox (Tinderbox Tales 1)
    Tinderbox Under Winter Stars (Tinderbox Tales 2)

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