a trip to st dunstan in the east

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

St Dunstan-in-the-East is both a testament to the willpower of people and a clear demonstration of nature persevering and prevailing.  Originally built in 1100 the church has been built, repaired, destroyed, patched up and rebuilt, changing from a place of private worship into a place of public peace.  Since the 1970's it has been an open public garden and after reading about it and seeing other peoples photos I knew I had to go myself.

 It was a very surreal space, when we first arrived it was full of people having their lunch break, relaxing in their suits to the sounds of a lawnmower cutting the grass in what would have once been the centre of the church.  I didn't want to start taking photos while it was full of people so we just sat and waited, taking in the peaceful atmosphere (once the grass had been cut anyway); and I can definitely see why so many people had headed there.

I adored this particular window; it was the one closest to the remaining entrance and has, in my opinion, the best constrast and view: black bricks surrounding an empty window that looks through onto flourishing greenery and a second section of grand wall and empty window space which leads once more to green plants and trees.

Just as we were leaving the sun made it's way through the clouds and honestly I could have stayed for much much longer just taking photos and soaking up the atmosphere because it was just SO PRETTY.

If peaceful, pretty places with history are your thing then I definitely recommend dropping in here.  It's only a five minute walk from Monument Tube station (and The Great Fire of London Monument) and just a ten minute stroll from the Tower of London!

love el

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  1. How have we never know about this place. Looks amazing, there's something about it you know. Defo great for photos! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk / foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous church, and how lovely to have such a serene spot in the middle of the city like that! I love that window too -- it's the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view!


  3. Aw wow, these photos are gorgeous!!

  4. Wow this is epic!! I love the feel of it. Would be a great place to just sit and read a book for the afternoon. In fact I've got an appointment in London tomorrow afternoon so perhaps if I've got some time to kill I might have to wander down to give it a visit.


  5. Are you telling me this in London? I had no idea! it looks like a great place for a stroll indeed! xx corinne

  6. Oh wow, such gorgeous pictures.. This places looks absolutely stunning?! 😍

  7. Omg I love these pictures, what camera did you use to take your pics can I ask? Also love your blog layout, makes mine look shit lol! :)

    1. Thankyou so much! I use a Canon 1200d. Ah haha thankyou, it took a lot of googling! x

  8. Woah, I never would have guessed such a beautiful and haunting space to be right in the centre of the city, I live in London and have never heard of it. I definitely want to take a visit and snap a few photos now though. Thanks for sharing!

    Rumaanah // https://ruminvte.wordpress.com/

  9. Oh this looks so beautiful! I really want to visit now, plus your photography is utterly gorgeous! xx

  10. Such gorgeous pictures! I wish I could jump over and visit this place, it looks so serene... Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Jocelyn // lifeinaleotard.com

  11. These photos are magical! Remind me of the Secret Garden and other classic tales like that. Thanks for sharing!

    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche

  12. Wow! This place looks amazing - I never knew it existed.