#GRLPOWR anniversary


Yes, in case you haven't seen our celebratory tweets & happy dancing gifs yet this morning then you might have missed the news but the small little RT account I'm part of has been running for one year today and I'm so happy and proud to be involved! For me personally @GRLPOWRCHAT came at a time when I wasn't sure what I was doing online, I was in my fourth blog-break of the year and ultimately just wasn't really feeling it anymore. Then I took part in a blogger chat on twitter and at the end of it, on a high of blogger love and community liked a tweet to get put into a group chat with other bloggers.  At first (and I mean literally for the first couple of days) that was all it was but then suddenly there were logos and names and chat ideas flying all over the place and it didn't take long before GRLPOWRCHAT was born!

recently read: all the bright places

All the Bright Places ~ Jennifer Niven

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
Final Page Feeling: emotional but a little meh.
Spoiler Free Review: yes!

I know there is already a bundle of mixed reviews out there in the world but one more can't hurt can it? I also know that when starting something new (like a recently read book review series) it's best to pick a book you know well and that you have solid opinions on but I kind of don't have those.  What I do have is a good playlist, a cup of tea and the urge to talk about this book...so lets just skip past this not very positive start and get on with the post!

afternoon tea at claridges

Way back when I was a little first year I ventured off out into London to see the Christmas lights being turned on and ended up taking a photo outside Claridges; and after telling my mum about it we decided that at some point we would find an occasion and have afternoon tea there.  Three years later we finally sat down for afternoon tea and wow.  It was so worth the wait.

As well afternoon tea being something we've wanted to do for ages it fell at the perfect time. My mum turned 50 in March, I was 21 in February, my brother has just finished his first year of university and I've just finished university altogether so it was a celebration of several milestones!

four books & a bit / btat17 wrapup

hello!! and welcome to this very late booktube-a-thon wrapup which was supposed to go up on Monday, oops! I don't have a reason (or an excuse) for why I haven't posted this yet other than I forgot all about it; I wrote it, saved it ready to edit & post and then just didn't.  

I was bumbling around on my laptop last Sunday, flipping between reading blogs, watching youtube videos and looking up blog themes when I discovered BookTubeAThon which was due to start in two hours at midnight.  Fast forward an hour, a very terrible explanation for my mum as to why I was making a mess and one pile of books and I was ready to throw myself into a week of reading.