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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Hello and happy Sunday evening everyone!

I've spent the past few days being a busy little bee and planned out all my posts for the rest of January but somehow (despite knowing exactly what I would put) forgot to write up today's post - this weeks happy thing!  I discovered this when I went to click publish this morning and found nothing to click on..whoops!  But I'm now fresh out of the shower and ready to write..

Literally ready to write.

A few of you may have seen this on twitter / instagram (and thankyou all so much for the amazing replies I've received) but in case you missed the news this weeks Happy Thing is that on Friday I got told I have a place on a Creative Writing MA in September!!!!

Honestly it hasn't really sunk in yet; I've cried twice (both very happy tears) and have spent most of my weekend floating around the house in a state of amazement.  I'm not sure if it will sink in soon or if it will just suddenly hit me when I'm on the way to Scotland in September but either way I'm so over the moon and just YAY!!! about the whole thing.

The process was very terrifying but also very quick?  I submitted the first part of my application under a month ago, received and completed my writing submission for it the week before Christmas and had my final stage interview on Friday.  I wasn't expecting to find out whether I was in or not for several days but the interview finished by them asking if I had any questions before continuing on to say that the one question nobody ever wants to ask is 'when do I find out'...surprise surprise it's right now.

Writing has always been a major part of my heart - sometimes it wasn't as much of my life as it should have been but it was always there.  Knowing that I'm going to be able to truly learn how to craft and shape my ideas into actual novels / plays / other things is totally awesome, and the fact that I'm going to be doing so on a course that honestly sounds like the perfect fit for me is even awesomer!

I still have to wait for the email to receive my student details and things but I am officially a future student and I haven't stopped smiling about it yet (probably won't either..)

What is your happy thing from this week?

eloise x

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