it's about us.

Sunday, 17 April 2016


I just wanted to spill out some feelings and thoughts about the LGBT fans deserve better movement.
(Image from and used with permission) 

When Dana died I was heartbroken, she was one of my favourite characters and her storyline could have gone on to be so good and helpful for hundreds of girls.   However once I wiped away my tears I was fine,  I still  had about seven other women, gay women, to watch and love.

When Lexa died I was heartbroken and angry, she was one of my favourite characters and her storyline could have gone on to be so good and helpful for hundreds of girls.  However when I wiped away my tears I was still angry, I no longer had any one I could look to, to watch and love.  No one that represented me as a lesbian, as a girl who just happens to love other girls.

Watching Friends Carol & Susan gave little gay me hope, hope that I could one day figure out what I was feeling, that I could one day fall in love with a girl, that I could be happy and in love and loved.  But since Friends? I've only had a handful of onscreen wlw; even fewer in relationships and even fewer still who are alive at the end of the shows run.

Since Lexa's death I've lost count of the number of women-loving-women (wlw) who have died or been killed (one of which was thanks to the creator of the L word, Ilene Chaiken), and yes many of them have been from under the same TV company- but the company itself is completely irrelevant.   
     This movement is starting to really become something; media outlets are taking notice, companies and taking notice and potential future writers and showrunners are taking notice.  If we stop now we go right back to invisibility and/or death; and if we start arguing amongst ourselves about what to trend then this movement will fizzle out, people will stop taking us seriously and we go right back to invisibility and/or death. 

     It doesn't matter what we trend, it only matters that we do trend, that we stay together and we stay united.  Our moment is now; let's make it count.

    It's not about one character or one company. It's about us.  It's about us standing up for ourselves and standing up for those who can't.  It's about us standing up and standing together.  It's about us fighting back and showing that they can't just throw us a bone every now and then and think it counts.  It's about us hurting every time they kill off the only person we relate to because they got bored, or couldn't be bothered to work out a schedule.  It's about us deserving better and it's about us getting what we need.  

                                                                It's about us.

      (Image from & @PapurrCar and used with permission)


~If you want to find out more about the movement I recommend these two sites:

LGBT Fans Deserve Better 

We Deserved Better

~To donate to the Trevor Project Leskru fund:

~ Learn more about why the Trevor Project is so important:

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