The Princess Deception | Review

A modern day queer retelling of Twelfth Night - finally my dreams have been answered! This refreshing take on a classic story features a Belgium Princess, a freelance reporter / former women's football player & a whole tangled heap of feelings - I adored it!

The Princess Deception - Nell Stark 

university: one year later.

Hello; I hope you're settled in comfortably because there's a chatty, slightly emotional post ahead as today marks the one year anniversary of me finishing the whirlwind that was my undergraduate degree!

This time last year I was in the final rehearsals of my last university performance - ready to take to the stage (or technically the floor..) later that evening.  I was waiting on three grades - one of which belonged to the performance I was about to start, but apart from endlessly refreshing the feedback page I was officially done with university. I was free, I was floating and I was totally freaked out.  In the words of Phoebe Buffay: I didn't have a pla.  I barely had a P.  What I did have was a mile long list of things I wanted to do and a desperate desire to run far away from education and never look back.

Fast forward to today and although I am still lost and floating I also have the faint semblance of a pla.  A pla that involves going back to university and doing a masters which is exactly what I said I wouldn't do but hey - you live, you learn, you change your mind seven different times! Or is that just me?

Skylarks | Review

I had already seen a couple ARC / early release copies of this beautiful book floating around the online bookish world and was all set to order it into my library when Bloomsbury contacted me asking if I would be interested in receiving a copy and being part of their instagram book tour this week.  I jumped around and instantly (obviously) said yes, yes, a million thankyou's and yes!  And Skylarks absolutely did not disappoint!

leah is a best seller and i am a crying mess.

Picture the scene: I'm sat in my room, aimlessly scrolling around on my phone when I decide to check twitter for the hundredth time (no reason. I'm just checking because what else do I do when I'm waiting for more energy to finish my Charms lesson in Hogwarts?) The app opens and I'm suddenly faced with a feed full of happy yelling and blue love hearts. Huh? Oh. Leah on the Offbeat news; that's cool I wonder what it is. (At this point I'm still not really paying attention.)

Then I look at what is actually being retweeted and immediately burst into tears.