a Q&A with L.J Surrage | Indieathon

Hello! Today's post is a Q&A with L J Surrage, an indie author whose first novel is already out and just waiting to be read.

a Q&A with Nine Star Press | Indieathon

Another day, another Q&A from a LGBTQ+ publisher that I adore! Today I'm over the moon to bring NineStar Press to your attention and I hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about another wonderful independent publisher.  Once again a massive thankyou to NineStar and Rae for answering my questions!
NineStar Press Logo

a Q&A with L. Austen Johnson | Indieathon

Hello and welcome to another Indieathon themed Q & A! Today we have the lovely L. Austen Johnson with us and I hope you all enjoy the post! 

a Q&A with Ylva Publishing | Indieathon

For today's Indieathon post I have a Q&A that comes from a publishers with a very special place in my heart - Ylva Publishing who focus solely on publishing books with lesbian or bisexual main characters.  If you've read any of my posts before you'll know why I love this publisher so much - even more so this year due to my queer reading challenge (two months in and I'm loving it - update post coming soon!)

With the major publishing houses seeming to only give us one or two LGBTQ+ books a year I had to find my reading material somewhere and that is where Ylva and the lovely Astrid come in!  I'm so grateful from both an indieathon and a personal perspective to now stop waffling and let you read the Q&A!  Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out all of the wonderful books and authors!

Phoebe Ritter Q&A | Indieathon

Good morning (or whatever time of day it is for you) and welcome to the first Indieathon Q&A on my blog!

Phoebe is a YA fantasy fiction writer who currently has an independent book out ready for you all to pick up and read! Daughter of the Zel is available on Amazon and sounds seriously epic.  You can also follow Phoebe on twitter here and before you read the Q&A I'd just like to say a massive thankyou to her for answering our questions!

february wrap-up

February was really quite a month! Birthdays, snow days and writing days meant that the shortest month seemed to fly past even faster than usual! Part of that might be due to the fact that January lasted for five years but whatever the reason I definitely feel like we skipped a couple of days somewhere in the middle this month..anybody remember Tuesday 20th?