So as you have probably guessed from my new URL, header & twitter handle I have changed up my online space from 'isthateloise' to 'eloisewrites' and I just wanted to well, write about it all!

I'm a little sad to say goodbye to isthateloise; it has been my online space for just over a year now and it truly became the place where I found my blogging feet but I also felt a tad disconnected from it.  I've been asked before "why isthateloise?" and my answer is always that I just don't know.  When I first came up with it last year I knew that I wanted to change my original blog name but I  didn't know what I wanted to change it to.  There's no reason behind it, other than it being my name of course, and quite frankly I don't feel like it fits anymore.

all is well

I was already well past the age of eleven when I first dipped my toe into the world of witches and wizards but that has never stopped me looking out for owls each summer in the hope that my letter has been lost all these years.  Even though I was late to the Hogwarts party - the final book had already been published before I’d even layed eyes on that iconic first line - Harry Potter has always been my go-to, the one series I return to time and time again.