Reading It Queer: The Sequel | Readathon Announcement

It's nearly Pride Month and I am SO excited because for the second year running I am going to be hosting a month long readathon that is all about queer books!

Oh yes! Reading it Queer is BACK and better than ever before. I have new prompts, a snazzy pair of graphics that actually match, and a whole hoard of other content planned.

Before I get into the rules (there aren't any) and prompts (there are some) I just want to give you a bit of background in case you've never heard of me or #readingitqueer before today.

I first did reading it queer in 2018 for the entire year - from 1st January to 31st December I only read queer books and it was an absolutely amazing experience. In 2019 I 'branched out' and read a few straight books but still mainly read queer lit. Then in June 2019 I decided to open it up and really make it into a thing with a bingo board of prompts that everyone else could join in with. It was really fun and I couldn't wait to start planning it again for this year, so here I am, ready to launch Reading it Queer: The Sequel into the bookish world.

But now onto the finer details of Reading It Queer like when it is, what it is, and how to join in:

WHEN: All of June! 1st - 30th.

WHAT: It's a queer readathon! Created solely to encourage you to read queer books during June.

HOW TO JOIN IN: Read queer books and use #readingitqueer on twitter / instagram to show me and everyone else what you're reading! That's it!

The Reading it Queer Prompts are as follows:

  • Non-fiction An essay collection, diary entries, a journal or memoir - anything nonfiction counts. (For this one I am saying please stick to own voices queer authors rather than pick a book by a straight person telling a story that isn't theirs.)
  • Written by an author of colour and/or focusing on a character of colour. Ideally a book that meets both but if you can't, like above, please try and prioritise an author of colour over a character of colour that has been written by a white person.
  • A book that is recommended to you - this could be from a friend, from me, from someone online - any book you've discovered through someone else talking about it!
  • Additional Rep. This could be religion, disability, mental health issues or any aspect of a character in addition to them being queer. For example: The Henna Wars and The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali both have Muslim protagonists and Far From You's protagonist has chronic pain and a past addiction.
  • A genre you don't normally read. For me this is could be any genre other than contemporary!
  • Set outside of the UK/US. Ideally for this one the entire book will take place in another country but as long as the majority of it isn't in the UK/US it still counts!
  • Published before 2018. There are SO many brilliant back-list queer books that get overlooked, I chose 2018 because that was the year I started this whole thing but there are so many good ones that were released long before that. (Fave Historical Fiction: Carol! Maurice! Fingersmith!)
  • Own voices author. Any queer book written by a queer author. It doesn't have to be the exact rep as long as the author identifies as queer somehow, for instance a book about a lesbian written by a bisexual author counts.
  • 2020 release. We have been truly blessed so far this year with queer releases and I couldn't ask you to read an older book while not also asking you to support recent releases - especially as there have been SO many amazing debuts this year!

Those are the nine prompts but you don't have to do them all individually - if you find one book that meets four separate prompts that counts as reading all four prompts! I've purposely left them as open as possible, partly in the hope that as many people as possible can join in and partly due to the current situation at the moment as it means that getting books is harder than it would normally be.

You don't even have to meet all the prompts if you don't want to, or simply can't. Feel free to pick and choose which ever prompts you want - if you can only access one queer book then that counts as taking part too.

Please do let me know if you're thinking of joining in! I won't be making a TBR myself but will be posting a recommendations list with books for each prompt (including ones that overlap the prompts) and a general 'these are good queer books' post next week. You can either tag me (@eloisewrites on twitter and @eloisereads on instagram) or use the #readingitqueer tag (or do both) to let me know you're joining in and to post your own TBR's / reading throughout June!

eloise x

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