guess who's back? (i'll give you a clue - it's me!)

hello, nice to see you again! it's been the longest time since my last post and even before then i wasn't exactly what you might call a 'frequent blogger' so i figured before i launch a whole heap of New Content at you, i should probably re-introduce myself first.

so hello! i'm eloise and i currently live in a small english village. (i left to live in london for three years during my undergrad - loved the people i met, absolutely hated the city. and last year spent the best eleven months of my life living in edinburgh while studying my ma in creative writing. i'm home again now and loving the countryside but do spend a lot of my time daydreaming about edinburgh.)

i'm a writer - ya contemporary is my favourite to create and you will never see a straight main character in any of my novel ideas. when it comes to reading i also prefer my books to be set in this world + very, very queer. sapphic romances in particular always make my heart happy and i once spent an entire year reading only queer books which was the best reading experience but i am still catching up on all the wonderful non-queer 2018 releases that i missed out on at the time.

like most bookworms my general to-be-read list is always out of control but this is unhelped by the fact that i am a Mood Reader and cannot plan my reading ahead of time. i'm currently winging my way through the owls readathon on nothing but sheer stubbornness with a side of 'hoping for the best'.

when i'm not reading or doing any of the other things i've already mentioned i also like a good film (tv shows are great too but i am unbelievably bad at watching those. how can someone be bad at watching tv? well, honestly i don't know. but i've been rewatching all of friends since january 2018 and i'm only halfway through season seven. i am also always two seasons behind the current season of call the midwife. my list of muted characters/shows on twitter to try and avoid spoilers is looooooonnnng. on the film front i like rom-coms, happy queer things (pride and imagine me + you!!) and definitely caved in to disney+ so have spent the past week making my way through my childhood favourites (monsters inc, peter pan and the parent trap were the first to make the list!)

i adore jane austen - i've seen pride and prejudice (2005) hundreds of times but will still always suggest it as an option. i would rather eat mud than go for a run but i'd quite happily go walking for hours (my enthusiasm for walks is actually quite similar to that of a golden retriever..) and musicals are one of my favourite things in the world. my top five changes on a daily basis depending which ones i've listened to recently but wicked is, and always will be, my absolute number one.

i have a whole gigantic list of stuff and content ready to write (some of it ready to post!) and i'm honestly so excited to start blogging again. but before that i want to know who you are - whether you've come here from twitter or bookstagram or simply stumbled across this little blog some other way. so, please do leave a comment below with a fact about you (or even just how your day has been)

thankyou for reading this rambly fact-filled post and i hope to see you around here again soon!

eloise x

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