gays gone by: a readathon announcement!

READATHON ALERT!! sound the alarms, the klaxons and the bells because a readathon is on the horizon!! more specifically a queer AND historical readathon!

you might have noticed that i like queer books but what you might not know is that i am also a massive history nerd: documentaries, museums, old things. i love it all! so when you combine history and queer books to get historical queer books it makes my little bookish heart very happy.

so it probably goes without saying that when the lovely Jemima asked if i would be a host alongside her and Lily in june i said yes (about ten times, complete with exclamation marks and heart emoji's.)

Gays Gone By is taking place in June, 8th - 14th and is all about reading and celebrating historical queer books. There are so many contemporary stories being released each year that sometimes it's easy to forget about the slightly (or significantly) older ones. From Sappho's poems to Anne Lister's diaries and The Song of Achilles to Carol there are dozens upon dozens of wonderful historical queer fiction out there so I'm truly over the moon to be a part of this readathon and get to shout about all my favourites - and hopefully find some new ones too!

Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote Instagram Post
  • Set or written before1900
  • Non Fiction
  • Book by a POC author / about a POC character
  • Own voices
  • Rainbow stack
  • A book you've been recommended
  • A book that either Lily, Jemima or myself put on our TBR
  • Set or written in the 20th Century
  • A book set outside your own country
You can double up on prompts too - for example The Secret Diaries of Miss Lister by Anne Lister would fit written before 1900, own voices author, non-fiction, rainbow stack (the UK edition has a green spine) and a book you've been recommended (hello, this is me recommending Anne Lister!!!) And she lived in England so if you're from anywhere else around the world then it would tick off that one too. Six prompts and one book. Easy!

Our TBR's (or in my case the giant list of historical books I love) will be going up soon so make sure you keep an eye on our various accounts for those and do let us know if you're planning to join us in June!

You can find the other two hosts online in a variety of places (and I truly adore their content so definitely check them out even if you decide not to take part in the readathon, although it would be doubly awesome if you did!)

Jemima: Blog | Instagram | Twitter
Lily: Youtube | Instagram | Twitter

eloise x

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