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Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs is a YA contemporary and I laughed out loud, nearly cried and wanted to give almost every character a hug about seven times a chapter.  Thankyou to Netgalley, Xpresso Book Tours and Chad Alan Gibbs for allowing me to read this wonderful story.


Edwin Green's ex-girlfriend is famous. We're talking cover-of-every-tabloid-in-the-grocery-story-line famous. She dumped Edwin one year ago on what he refers to as Black Sunday, and in hopes of winning her back, he's spent the last twelve months trying to become famous himself. It hasn't gone well.

But when a history class assignment pairs Edwin with Parker Haddaway, the mysterious new girl in school, she introduces him to Garland Lennox, a nursing-home-bound World War Two veteran who will change Edwin's life forever.

The three escape to France, in search of the old mans long-lost love, and as word of their adventure spreads, they become media darlings. But when things fall apart they also become the focus of French authorities. In a race against time, who will find love, and who will only find heartache?


Two Like Me and You is a stunning debut that features a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters who all manage to stand apart from each other whilst also blend together in the best ways. The story itself is completely outlandish and almost unbelievable and yet I believed every word from the very first page. Character driven stories are my absolute favourite kind of books and this one did not disappoint at all.

It's rare that I genuinely have to stop reading because I'm laughing too hard to actually pay attention to the next sentence but this happened on more than one occasion. The trio themselves (formed of a still heartbroken Edwin, mysterious and wonderful Parker, and grumpy-with-a-heart-of-gold Garland) managed to get into endless scrapes and their escapades had me laughing for pages at a time. But that's not to say this book is a funny read and nothing else, oh no! The level of depth and self discovery for all three of them was woven in so carefully that it only served to make the on page emotions, and my connections to the characters, even stronger.

I expected to enjoy this book a but I didn't expect to adore it so completely. A wonderfully refreshing YA debut that captures heartbreak, the importance of friendship and the desire to be just a little bit more than you are so perfectly without ever shoving the deeper themes in your face.

I can't wait to see what Chad Alan Gibbs writes next - whatever it is will be heading straight to the top of my TBR!

Four (and a half!) stars.


Chad Alan Gibbs lives in Alabama with his wife, two sons, two dogs, and an embarrassingly large collection of Star Wars action figures. Two Like Me and You is his first novel.

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  1. Great review, Eloise! This sounds like a really well written, character driven read that's easy to read. And the humor aspect sounds awesome I love it when a book can literally make me laugh out loud! Perfect for the beach, too! :)