June Readathon Announcement!

Good evening everybody! I'm super excited to finally be sharing this post with you as it means that June, and more importantly pride month is literally right around the corner.

If you've been following me for a little while now you'll know that last year, 2018, I read only queer books for the entire year.  It was a decision made out of frustration over the lack of representation on my own bookshelves - I desperately wanted to read books where I could see myself and my own sexuality on its pages; I knew they existed but I just wasn't reading many. So Reading it Queer was born.

It was the best reading experience of my life. Heartwarming, fulfilling, in short - it was everything. As the year drew to a close I knew that whilst I wanted to open my shelves back up to a wider (or should that be straighter...) range of books I would still keep up to date with my queer books.

Enter June. Pride month and therefore the perfect time to bring my reading challenge back and more importantly, after a twitter poll to gauge interest of course, open it up to the rest of the bookish world! Yes, you read that right. Reading it Queer is back and (hopefully) bigger than ever! I've created prompts / a bingo board and this blog post here is your official invitation to take part!

The rules are simple: read a queer book (or more, if you like) during the month of June. That's it.

You are free to ignore the prompts, pick up an old queer fave and then read whatever you want for the rest of the month if that's what you choose - it still counts as you taking part . If you have other required reading for class or anything and only have time to read one book - awesome! If you read and fulfil all nine prompts - awesome! If you're a book wizard and manage to complete all the prompts in as few books as possible - awesome!

Apart from the queer part this readathon is incredibly open and as flexible as you want it to be. I myself am going to try and read all nine prompts individually (although some will definitely overlap) but that is in no way a requirement.

Okay, I've now written the word 'prompts' so many times that is has completely stopped looking like an actual word and I haven't even told you what they are yet. I should probably do that shouldn't I?

The prompts are:

F/F Relationship
Own Voices Author
Bisexual Character
Asexual and/or Aromantic Character
Recommended by a friend
A book with additional rep (e.g Jewish or anxiety)
A genre you don't normally read
M/M Relationship
Trans and/or Non-Binary Character

I will be uploading my own TBR (aka a list of fifty books because I'm a messy mood reader) a bit further into the month but do feel free to make your own and share them by either tagging me (I'll retweet them all!) or by just using #readingitqueer. On instagram my #readingitqueer tag is still going from last year and if you are also a bookstagrammer and taking part this month then please do add it to your photos so I can see all your photos! (And after this month as well, any queer reads you pick up - just add them to the tag!)

A quick note on the name:
I realise not everyone is comfortable using the term queer and that is perfectly fine. I myself do use it and sometimes prefer it to any other label which is why I picked it in the first place. However if you don't wish to use it then please do take part anyway and simply use #JuneReadingChallenge instead!

eloise x


  1. I absolutely love this! I think I'm going to participate in this - it shouldn't be hard, all I want to read are LGBT+ books, and I have a few to get through.
    Love the challenge, Eloise!

  2. I love how your books are rainbow coloured too! Was that accidental or intentional?