Queer 2019 Releases I Can't Wait For (Part One)

It's the most wonderful time of year. Christmas lights are twinkling everywhere, my room looks like there's been a tinsel explosion and the book release dates for next year are finally making their way into the world!

I was writing down a list of them just for my own knowledge and I reached the end of Page 1 before I noticed they were all queer. I'm not even doing a reading challenge next year so this truly was an accident - I actually think I only know of one non-queer book that's being released in the entirety of 2019...oops! Anyway,  I put up a little poll on twitter to see if sharing that list would be something people would want to see and here I am sharing away! Some of these have been on my list since the day they were announced and others are more recent additions but they are all ones that I'm already counting down the days until I have them in my hands.