june reading: an explanation

Hello and a very happy Pride Month to you all!! I hope you're in the mood for some news because I have an exciting announcement to share (although if you follow me on twitter and/or instagram you already know this.)

Quick related side-note: for the past two years I have attempted to take part in blogmas; the blogging every day extravaganza that almost takes over the blogging world in December, and each time I crashed and failed. I decided to never again attempt to daily blog and that was that.  Ahem.  That was that until now...  Oh yes, (drum roll please - announcement incoming) I have decided that the best idea for June is to daily blog...honestly I don't know either, I need help or restraining or something.

But not just any daily blogging - I'm going to be daily blogging all about queer books!

As you know (or might not know in which case you're about to find out) all this year I'm only reading books with a LGBTQ+ element to them. This could be a character or a relationship or anything as long as it's one of the main characters and not just a passing line of  'Elle and her girlfriend' because that doesn't count; not this year. And it's been going great; I've read more this year than I read in pretty much all three years of university and I've only had one mini reading slump so far!  Surrounding myself with characters like me was the best decision I ever made and I'm so happy I took the plunge and went for it. One thing that I did find though was way back in December last year, when I was compiling my endless list of books to read, often the same ones would appear on every single list and finding less popular ones was a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Due to this I was already deciding to do something bookish for pride month, just something small, a few 'hey look at this book!' type posts.

Then the other day I was talking with a friend and she said something about me having a voice online and it got me thinking; I guess I do. We all do. We all choose to put our thoughts out into the world and sometimes people pay attention. I know that I am no way shape or form a big blogger or even a middle sized one but I am a blogger. I am a bookworm. I am currently on my 46th queer book of the year.  And it's Pride Month so what better time to smash all three of those sentences together and use my voice to yell about queer books for thirty days?

So that is exactly what I'm going to do. Spread out over all three platforms (because why just daily blog when I can daily tweet, daily instastory and daily blog at the same time?) I will be uploading rec-lists, shouting about books and flailing about authors!

I've split the month up into orientations and book age range, so tomorrow's rec list for example is going to be Lesbian YA and the day after that will be Lesbian Adult (or anything that isn't marked as YA..) Most of the time I've tried to put new books in each category but if a YA has a lesbian asexual character then you'll see it twice because why should one overshadow the other? But there are a lot of books out there in the world; which is awesome, but because of that I have limited myself to twenty books each day; which is still over 300 books. Which is a little extreme yes but go big or go home! (And considering that I am already at home my only option was to go big!)

I have included a few staples like Everything Leads to You and Simon vs. but for the most part I have tried my hardest to reach outside of the well known ones to highlight smaller books that aren't on every single rec list ever just because I feel like it's more important to have a range than stick to the favourites.

So, yeah. That's my epic, not-so-small bookish pride plan! Hopefully you find at least one book you like the sound of because for the next 30 day's it's going to be nothing but queer books - I'm here, I'm queer and I'm a bookworm on a mission!

eloise x

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