february wrap-up

February was really quite a month! Birthdays, snow days and writing days meant that the shortest month seemed to fly past even faster than usual! Part of that might be due to the fact that January lasted for five years but whatever the reason I definitely feel like we skipped a couple of days somewhere in the middle this month..anybody remember Tuesday 20th?

After starting a bullet journal for the first time in January I've actually managed to keep using it for a solid two months now which I'm actually very pleased about - usually my organisation lasts about three weeks before descending back into chaos and where did I put that tiny piece of paper with the really important thing on?  (I'm a little bit of a mess but I'm working on it - hence the bullet journal!)  I've definitely found some things that don't work, a daily tracker, and some things that I desperately need, a general month to-do list for the tasks I don't need a set day for I just need to do at some vague 'during the month' point.  It's a work in progress but it seems to be working so far!

After what felt like a billion years of waiting I finally saw Hamilton in London and oh my goodness its GOOD. I kind of guessed it would be good because of the rave reviews flying about all over the place and due to the fact that I've listen to the American soundtrack so much that it has just become the backing track of my brain now but none of that prepared me for just how unbelievably, wonderfully amazing it was.  The cast smashed it completely and now I'm just crossing my fingers all day every day in the hope that they record and release their own version of the soundtrack (please please please!)

Book wise I managed to get through 10 of the things - most library or ebooks so my wrapup photo looks a little bit sad but I wanted to take one anyway.  I'm still going strong with my queer reading challenge and I have to say that I am absolutely loving it.  I connect with the characters much quicker, I get all the one line jokes and references and I honestly can't quite describe how good it feels to pick up a book and find representation (whether it's f/f or just lgbtq+ in general it's still just as wonderful.)  I'm enjoying reading more than I ever have before and I'm flying through books faster than I've done in years because of it.

I managed to scribble out a few blog posts; one of which centred around LGBTQ+ history month and I think is possibly one of my favourite things I've ever uploaded so make sure you give it a read if you missed it!  In my own writing I also got down quite a few words - 3000 in one day was the most I managed but I'm definitely proud of that.  I didn't write every single day - some days I had actual reasons but other days I had several opportunities to write and I just didn't so I'm going to work on that in March but I also didn't allow myself to beat me up about it so every cloud has a silver lining and all that!

In smaller news I lost my oyster card, attempted to follow google maps until it tried to make me walk through someones house to get to my destination (it was the first time and also the last time - directions aren't my forte), built a snowman & rearranged my bookshelves! So a weird but good month all round really. (Can you tell I've never done a monthly wrap up post before? I have no idea what to say but all the cool kids post them and I had a good month so onto the bandwagon I jumped..hopefully March's attempt will be a little more coherent and put together as opposed to whizzed off in twenty minutes a day after it was supposed to go up!)

Let me know how your February went!

eloise x

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