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Another day, another Q&A from a LGBTQ+ publisher that I adore! Today I'm over the moon to bring NineStar Press to your attention and I hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about another wonderful independent publisher.  Once again a massive thankyou to NineStar and Rae for answering my questions!
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How did Nine Star Publishing start? 
NineStar Press is an LGBTQIA+ publisher owned and managed by LGBTQIA+ people. We work to showcase amazing literary works about characters less represented in fiction: ace, aro, trans, nonbinary, genderfluid, bi, pan, etc. We adore romance and erotic romance, but we also like genre-bending fiction, fusion genre, and stories that don’t quite fit into a particular category.  Books have always been an important part of my life, but there were never enough books with people like me when I was growing up. And as the owner and managing director, I am always looking for books that tell our unique stories. Stories that have marginalized people as the main characters.  I have worked to find people to join me who have a passion for good stories. People who have the same ideas when it comes to the books we sign. We want to be immersed in the time period or the magical land. We want to empathize with the characters, to feel like we know a good deal about them by the end of the book. To feel like we are finally fully represented in books that can be found on genre shelves rather than in the small LGBT sections.  And so NineStar’s goal is to fill the world with stories for and about people across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

What is your favourite part of being in publishing?
The best part of publishing is being able to get the voices to the readers. There are so many #OWNVOICES stories out there, but many of the bigger publishers don’t have a place for them. While I think we are all looking for the next big seller, NineStar also looks at the voices that need to be heard. People want to see themselves in the books they read, so we strive to put the more marginalized characters out there.

Why do you focus on LGBTQ+ books specifically?
Our focus is on LGBTQIA+ characters because there are so few books out there with them. You can pick up any mass market book and see heterosexual characters, but the LGBTQIA+ characters, especially those of color, are few and far between. And usually they are only gay or lesbian, killed off, or end up being the bad guy.  We want to show a full spectrum of true to life characters in all genres: epic fantasy, space operas, horror, sweet romance, and so many others. People like us are everywhere and it’s time we were represented in fiction

If someone was interested in publishing with you how does it work? Do they need an agent or just a good story? 
If someone is interested in publishing with us, they just need a great story.  Well, and they need to follow the submission guidelines.  They don’t need an agent or to have been published elsewhere.

Where can people find books you’ve published?
Our books are available on our site and all major retailers (Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc.)

Other than events like Indieathon how is best for people to get the word out about independent publishers like yours? 
When you find a good book, write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Tell people about it. Give books as gifts. The best way to get the word out is to do just that.

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