a Q&A with L.J Surrage | Indieathon

Hello! Today's post is a Q&A with L J Surrage, an indie author whose first novel is already out and just waiting to be read.

Introduce yourself!
I'm L. J. Surrage, a UK based independent author. I self published my first novel, The Princess Mutiny, in 2017 via Amazon. I've always loved to write, and I still spend most of my time living in my own little world!

What is one story you've always wanted to write?
Truthfully, there's not been one story that's been with me for years & years that I've fought to write. I've started hundreds of incomplete stories, because up until about 3 years ago I was never able to stick to anything. That all change when I discovered the world of The Princess Mutiny, & as I wrote it I realised it was everything I'd ever wanted to put into words.

What's one thing you would have liked to have known when you first started writing? 
How hard it is! The one thing that has always struck me is how universally difficult writing is, and how having an idea so perfectly formed in your head is inexplicably difficult to translate from an idea to a page. From building a story, to ironing out the imperfections, to just persevering and staying with it. I wish I'd known years ago that working through the tough times on a project you're really passionate about pays off in the most wonderful, affirming way.

What is it like to indie/self-publish your book?
In a word, liberating! I'd always had a predetermined idea of what publishing a book would be like, & it involved lots of money and signing different bits of paper. Of course, publishing with the big houses can involve this, but I never knew how easy it was to just put your work out there. Having the most control over my work is very important to me, and I think indie/self-publishing is a great way for authors & stories to flourish without as many sacrifices. It also means that you're able to be much more intimate with readers, which is so important! Promoting is incredibly hard work, but even one message from a stranger saying they've enjoyed my work makes it all worth it.

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