remembering the happy things

I'm following the example of a ton of different people when I say this but I have decided to give myself a word of the year this year.  It's something I've never done before and honestly I don't really know why I've decided to this year but I have and it's in my bullet journal now so there's no going back.. (Fun fact: bullet journaling is also something I've never done before this year too, I'm like a new person!)

Anyway; I have a word of the year and it is Balance.

There are number of reasons for my choice, one of them being I want to learn how to do a handstand this year and you have to have balance to do one.  But you also need practice, flexibility and strength - I can't throw myself into a 30 day Handstand challenge tomorrow because I will 100% hurt myself / break something.  To learn how to do a handstand I first need to work on my core strength so after a two month break I'm getting back on the yoga horse.  There's a few more elements to it than that but that's the point - I need the right amount of all them to balance together and work in harmony before I can begin to balance myself on my hands.
First handstand attempt - it consists of kicking both legs up in the air and hoping for the best.

In addition to the physical balancing I want to do this year I also want to start being more balanced emotionally and by this I simply mean where I focus my attention.  I am the most optimistic person going when it comes to other people - I will cheerleader you, encourage you and believe in every single ambition or dream you have!  When it comes down to my own dreams and ambitions however it's a completely different story - I will doubt myself every step of the way and even if I do get to the finish line I'm never 100% happy with how I got there.  Add this to the fact that when everyone else was making threads and posts about their favourite things or best moments from 2017 I could only really think of two.  And I know that 2017 was a really good year for me!! I just don't really know why.  I can remember the big things like handing in my play and graduation but I also know that there were a ton of small moments that at the time made me smile all week but were quickly forgotten after that.

This year I want to remember the small moments as well as the big ones and this brings me on to the title of this post - the happy things.  I'm going to try and balance out negativity by highlighting the happy things in life.

Each week I'll be uploading one happy thing from that week - it could be a book I fell in love with, a song I'd had on repeat for days or even a random moment that made me smile.  I want to get to the end of this year and have an entire page full of posts about happy things.  The world in general is quite a gloomy place at the moment and I'm not trying to pretend otherwise but I am going to try and find the silver linings in the clouds.  By making a record of the every day happy things I'm hoping to make that slightly easier, that way even when the grey clouds do start to loom ominously I will have somewhere to focus on.

This weeks Happy Thing is that I received three positive responses from Netgalley - for the first time ever!  I really want to start taking my book blogging more seriously this year and I can't think of a better way to start it off with than that.  (Simon wasn't one of them but it was my first book of the year and I LOVED it!)

eloise x

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  1. This is such a fab word for the year, I did't even know words of the year were a thing! x

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