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When I say I've always been a reader it's a tiny bit of a white lie.  I've definitely loved books since I could hold them and chew the corners whilst my Mum read to me but I haven't always read them as much as I should.  My final year of sixth form was the beginning of a three year long reading slump - I did read during that time, but it was mainly in the summer months.  Even with a small bookcase full of books in my university room I just couldn't seem to finish them.  Thankfully this major reading slump has well and truly vanished - I managed to read just over thirty books in the second half of last year and am currently still going strong.  Up until this week that is.  I started one book, I started another, I started a third book and just couldn't get through any of them.  But even though I didn't pick up a book in four days I still managed to read seven multi-chapter fiction pieces! The answer - fan fiction.

Even in my days where I would barely touch a physical book in months I would quite happily whizz through a 50k+ fan fiction online and even though I have fallen back in love with books again I will still click through various tags and authors to find just what I'm looking for in the moment.

I've just spent the past week in a rabbit warren of fics from The Worst Witch (the 1998 characters) - I found an epic series of uploads, all centred around the same situation and each following on from the previous story and I devoured and loved every single one.  As I started to reach the final few instalments I found myself thinking  along the lines of "I guess I should probably go back to books for my challenge..."  but then I realised that they count as my challenge, don't they?

Each story had two women in love as the main relationship so passes the only criteria I have for this years reading and if I can include novella's that I can get through in an hour in my 'Books Read' list then why should I not include fanfiction pieces that provide me with several days worth of reading!?

Combine the time factor of this to the fact that when I added all the word counts of the various stories together it came to a whopping 382,039 words in total I decided wholeheartedly that YES I am most definitely going to 1) praise the author until the end of time and 2) count it as at least one book towards my reading total this year - probably three to be honest.  (Sidenote: that word count isn't even the complete total - just the word count of the fics I have already read!)

I mean these are books that if I saw them in a shop I would buy them (or you know, add them to my TBR and think about buying them for years which is pretty much the same thing), the writing is unbelievably good; each individual story is incredibly well thought out and they all fit effortlessly together as a series too.  In short they are amazing, wonderful and beautiful and I want to forget every word just to be able to read them all again because the series is FANTASTIC (and also still being updated with new ficlets so yay for that!)

I can't currently see a way of updating my goodreads books without actually adding the book and marking it as read which is a tiny bit of an issue considering they aren't actually books but I'm going to be adding them to my _ / 80 thing in my instagram bio and will also be putting them into my books read thread on twitter too!  (If you know how to sidestep the automatic Goodreads counter thingy then please let me know.)

So, this year any fiction goes!  Long novels, short novellas, fanfiction and otherwise - it all counts towards my reading challenge of 80 (or more) LGBTQ+ books!  Are you a fanfic reader too and if so will you also be including those fics into the list of books you've read?

eloise x

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  1. I read a 100k fanfic last year (along with various shorter stories), and I agree that longer fics should count as well! After all there are books with less words ...