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On the fourth day of Blogmas it rained and rained and rained...pretty perfect weather for curling up with a cup of tea and a heart warming festive film don't you think?  My film of choice today is The Grinch but it was a difficult choice between all my favourites!

  • Up until the start of university I'd actually never seen Elf all the way through!  I'd watched parts of it over a number of years but never actually sat down and watched from beginning to end..after finally seeing the entire thing I definitely understood why so many people list it as their favourite.
  • The Polar Express has been one of our Christmas Eve films for several years now and I love it! It's heartwarming, there is singing and a magic train and honestly what more could you want!
  • I have made up the rule that Love Actually isn't actually a Christmas film it's just a film that takes place at Christmas because then I can watch it all year round and not feel the tiniest bit guilty about it because it is one of my favourite films (and soundtracks too because WOW it's pretty) although I will forever be sad that the lesbian couple got cut out of the final edit.  But still, favourite film and it's festive so onto the list it goes.

  • The Flintstones Christmas Carol was a film that we had on video growing up and it was - and still is - my absolute favourite Christmas film. The day our video player stopped working broke my heart and I spent several long December's without it in my life as we couldn't find a DVD copy anywhere.  But last year my Christmas was saved when I came home from university to find it sitting in the lounge and I honestly think I watched it five times in a month!
  • Another one that I'd never seen until the past couple of years is The Holiday and considering that every year since I bought the DVD I've seen it on TV at least twice each holiday season I really don't know how I missed it but my Christmas film collection is much much better off with Iris and her gumption included.
  • Bugsy Malone is another one that is ridiculously wonderful.  It's not actually a Christmas film at all but my family seem to have developed a tradition of watching it whilst eating leftovers and I'm definitely not complaining about it! It's a musical and it's childish and heart warming and amazing all in one go - just like all good Christmas films should be!

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