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Hello and welcome to today's Blogmas post! It's the second one in my series of twelve and if you missed my first announcement on Friday you can read that here but now grab your mince pies and settle in for this somewhat short but hopefully still sweet post.

The eagle eyed Christmas music lovers among you might have noticed that the title of this post is actually a lyric of a Christmas song and therefore may have guessed that today's 12 Days of Blogmas instalment is my favourite Christmas songs!

Now, I feel a disclaimer is in order - my actual list of favourite Christmas songs would end up being all of them so I have forced myself to narrow down my five hour long playlist to just five songs and I've also restricted myself to a short sentence about each because again we would be here all day and nobody wants that.

Step Into Christmas - Elton John
This is my all-time favourite Christmas song; it's joyful, energetic and very very Elton - what more could you want in your playlist? It's the perfect song to play if you want to dance around your room while decorating 

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - The Muppets
It's hilarious and no matter how wonderful you are thinking it might be I promise you it is much much better! I  fully recommend listening to their whole Christmas album because it is amazing and just completely captures the spirit of Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas (is yoooouuuuu) - Mariah Carey
It is my firm belief that no Christmas playlist is complete without this classic, and no Christmas party is complete without at least half the group attempting to sing all the notes and failing hilariously.  The Love Actually version is also a firm favourite of mine but is definitely not any easier to sing along too (I would like to issue a quick apology to my neighbour because I hope she can't hear me screeching along but I'm probably not going to stop anytime soon.)

Believe - Josh Groban /The Polar Express
I could quite happily listen to this song for the entire year but I'm scared that would make it lose it's magic and therefore I won't do it but it's such a wonderful, lovely song that also has really positive lyrics (and it comes from the soundtrack of one of my favourite Christmas films too!)

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
There are so many wonderful versions of this song out in the world and yes they are (almost) all on my playlist but Brenda's 1958 version is my favourite one; it was the one that was on the festive CD's my parents played when I was little so I've kind of grown up with it in my life.  Add my sentimental values to the fact that it's a fabulously bouncy song and it just had to make an appearance in this post!

Do you have a favourite Christmas song? Let me know what it is in the comments below!

eloise x

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