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Christmas is a time for decoration, for laughter and for memories and luckily over the years my family has collected a few items that tick every single box in one go.

These abominable snowmen were made by my brother and I (mine is the one on the left) a thousand years ago but have stayed in the decorations box ready to be dug back out again and lovingly laughed at each year.  They always get put back in the box afterwards as neither of us really want them out on display but Christmas decorating wouldn't be the same without the ritual (or the special chocolate biscuits.)

I have a small paper robin that I believe I made in Brownies but honestly it could have been at any time because my artistic abilities haven't improved at all.  It's quite battered and definitely looks like it's earned an early retirement from my decorating but every year I fish the poor little bird out of the box and hang it from a shelf in my room.  It's tradition and when I eventually do move into my own home you better believe that robin is coming with me.

I'm sure at some point it had two wings but who knows when it's left one fell off - I don't recall seeing it for several years and it's not in any of the boxes so I assume it is long gone by now.  Regardless of it's appearance this robin is once again residing on my bookcase for another Christmas, although I was tempted to leave it on the sideboard like in the photo above and see how long it would take for it to magically reappear back in my room..

Sometimes the simplest items end up being the ones that hold the most sentiment and I wouldn't exchange any of my terrible childhood art for all the fancy ornaments in the world; I'm not even sure why I'm feeling overly sentimental about any of them this year anyway - normally they all get either laughed at and put back in the box or laughed at and put on a shelf.  Maybe it's due to this being my first time spending all of the Christmas period at home again after being at university for the majority of December the past three years or maybe it's just the cold weather.  Either way I've surrounded myself with memories of Christmas past this year and I love it.

Do you have any Christmas decorations that hold a special place in your heart?

eloise x

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