So as you have probably guessed from my new URL, header & twitter handle I have changed up my online space from 'isthateloise' to 'eloisewrites' and I just wanted to well, write about it all!

I'm a little sad to say goodbye to isthateloise; it has been my online space for just over a year now and it truly became the place where I found my blogging feet but I also felt a tad disconnected from it.  I've been asked before "why isthateloise?" and my answer is always that I just don't know.  When I first came up with it last year I knew that I wanted to change my original blog name but I  didn't know what I wanted to change it to.  There's no reason behind it, other than it being my name of course, and quite frankly I don't feel like it fits anymore.

I'm not knocking blogging or other bloggers at all when I say this because I am a blogger and this will always be a blog but I personally feel that I am more of a writer than I am a blogger.  To me blogging conjures up images of flatlays and product reviews and quirky titled life updates and that's just not me; I've tried it but I don't like it.  I'd much rather write up a personal post about hedgehogs and cheesecake than write out my skincare routine but that doesn't mean I won't read and enjoy someone elses post about their favourite moisturiser.  It just means that it's something I have no intention of ever sitting down to write about.

I write because I enjoy it, because my head is overflowing with characters and plotlines and because it's the only way I know how to get my thoughts out.  I write fiction and fantasy,  I free myself from narrative structures,  I spin my reality into poems and I spill my words out onto pages in an unstoppable flow.  I write because sometimes writing is all I have and I write because sometimes it's the one thing I need.  Going forward with this blog I want to be able to use it to share my writing; whatever form it takes, from personal essay posts to random commentary between photos and of course I can do that whatever the name is but this change just feels right.  It feels freeing.

Change is scary, it's terrifyingly scary and I'm not going to lie and say I didn't worry about making this change because I did, I worried if it would work, worried if eloisewrites flows as well online as it does in my head, I worried people wouldn't like it and I worried about how much I was worrying.   But as scary as change is it's also important, it's needed and necessary to grow and I'm so happy I took the leap because 
I am a blogger yes but I am also a dreamer, a drama graduate, a bookworm and a writer and I feel like my little online space is  now a well rounded representation of me, of the person I am and the writer I want to be.

My contact email will still be staying the same purely because I have no wish to create my ninetieth email account but my twitter handle is now 'eloisewrites' and I have created a new instagram for all things bookish; also 'eloisewrites'.

Thankyou to Pipdig for having such amazing themes and for making them so easy to install- my blog still needs a little tweak here and there but I'm so in love and happy with it & thankyou also to Katereadsbooks_ on instagram for giving me the incentive to take the leap into bookstagram in the first place!

eloise x

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