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All the Bright Places ~ Jennifer Niven

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
Final Page Feeling: emotional but a little meh.
Spoiler Free Review: yes!

I know there is already a bundle of mixed reviews out there in the world but one more can't hurt can it? I also know that when starting something new (like a recently read book review series) it's best to pick a book you know well and that you have solid opinions on but I kind of don't have those.  What I do have is a good playlist, a cup of tea and the urge to talk about this lets just skip past this not very positive start and get on with the post!

I read All the Bright Places really quickly; started it in the bath on Wednesday and finished it in bed while crying on Friday.   Yes the book is a bit sad in places but honestly I blame the heightened reaction on mother nature paying me a visit and the fact I was curled up in a ball of pain during the days I read it is also why I believe I read through it quite so quickly because I could have quite easily put it down for a few days and not felt the nagging impulse to pick it up and continue.

Don't get me wrong I do think mental health and the other topics covered are really really important and it is rare to find a book that does delve into them like Bright Places does but personally I prefer books to have a more positive slant.  Life isn't all rainbows and happy endings but I read to escape the dismal elements, not have them highlighted.

bubbles and tea are the best companions for a book.
I adored Violet; and the fact that she writes and has a blog really connected her to me, 
and the use of writing- texts, emails & their notebook, within the book was really well done; it added that extra level of detail and really rounded the whole thing up which I loved.  Finch as a character is wonderful but, unlike Violet, I couldn't picture him very well.  As soon as I got close to having Finch solidly in my mind I'd turn the page and something would be there to shake that image into bits again; I get that this was probably The Point but for me it was just a little jarring to read.

Ultimately All the Bright Places is definitely a book with a lot of topics; important topics, and should probably be read and discussed by a lot more people.  The characters are realistic, even the side characters are interesting and not just carbon copies of each other, the personal arcs of Violet reflected Finch's arc - and vice versa and it definitely made me think several times.

I think I might have enjoyed it a little bit more if I hadn't already been an emotional mess in desperate need of chocolate and I will re-read it at some point but it definitely won't be one of the first books I pick up from my TBR-Again list.

Have you read All The Bright Places? What did you think of it-  is it worth the hype or did you finish the last page feeling emotional but meh; let me know in the comments or on twitter!

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