#GRLPOWR anniversary


Yes, in case you haven't seen our celebratory tweets & happy dancing gifs yet this morning then you might have missed the news but the small little RT account I'm part of has been running for one year today and I'm so happy and proud to be involved! For me personally @GRLPOWRCHAT came at a time when I wasn't sure what I was doing online, I was in my fourth blog-break of the year and ultimately just wasn't really feeling it anymore. Then I took part in a blogger chat on twitter and at the end of it, on a high of blogger love and community liked a tweet to get put into a group chat with other bloggers.  At first (and I mean literally for the first couple of days) that was all it was but then suddenly there were logos and names and chat ideas flying all over the place and it didn't take long before GRLPOWRCHAT was born!

Over the past year it hasn't all been smooth sailing; we've lost a few members for various reasons; most devastingly Emma who sadly passed away in June and had many a minor problem with passwords, emails and forms not behaving like they were supposed to but thankfully one of us always managed to fix whatever was wrong before it became a major major issue.  In fact in the past twelve months I think our only major issue was last months access issue which was resolved as randomly and out of the blue as it happened. 

On a more positive note we've already passed 8000 followers, our chats are often really busy, we've hit tweet limit trying to retweet all your blog links so many times and the number of people who tweeted us & helped share the message of last months hiccup honestly blew me away so if you're part of the GRLPOWR community then thankyou.  Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, thankyou for supporting us - whether you've followed us since last August or since last week- none of us even dared to dream we would have such a amazingly wonderful community of bloggers, so thankyou!

I'm so unbelievably proud of the girls behind the scenes; each and everyone of them, whether former member or current girl are amazingly fab bloggers in their own right; half of them are younger than me (in fact I think most are now I'm thinking about it which makes me feel very old) but they are so incredibly well rounded people with beautiful blogs and such an ability to take a stunning flatlay that I'm convinced they've all taken a magic photography potion.  Just have a quick scroll through any of their blogs and instagrams if you don't believe me!  

Tonight we're hosting a celebratory two hour chat and we'd love it if as many people as possible could join us so make sure you set your alarms and pop over to our twitter at 8pm U.K time!

love el

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