four books & a bit / btat17 wrapup

hello!! and welcome to this very late booktube-a-thon wrapup which was supposed to go up on Monday, oops! I don't have a reason (or an excuse) for why I haven't posted this yet other than I forgot all about it; I wrote it, saved it ready to edit & post and then just didn't.  

I was bumbling around on my laptop last Sunday, flipping between reading blogs, watching youtube videos and looking up blog themes when I discovered BookTubeAThon which was due to start in two hours at midnight.  Fast forward an hour, a very terrible explanation for my mum as to why I was making a mess and one pile of books and I was ready to throw myself into a week of reading.

Just going back to that second point there: baring in mind that I still haven't completely unpacking from moving home in June and I was also sorting and re-packing things ready to decorate my room and it was half ten at night when my mum came upstairs to find me sat on the floor, half under my desk, surrounded by two bags, a just-emptied box and a huge heap of books so her confused "what on earth are you doing now" was pretty justified. 

My optimistic TBR for the week was:
The Legacy: Katherine Webb
A Man Called Ove: Fredrik Backman
Kissing the Witch: Emma Donoghue
Footsteps: New York Times Essays
The Passions of Alice: Stephanie Grant
All the Bright Places: Jennifer Niven
Letters to Zell: Camille Griep

The readathon started off pretty well I have to say; I woke up on Monday in time to take part in the first sprint with The Legacy and continued to read on and off for the whole day and Tuesday, while slower was also a pretty good day reading wise.

On Wednesday I finished my first book and then went on to read all of Kissing The Witch - a good day on paper but this is where my readathon slowly started to fall apart.

Thursday morning I woke up really early (like half three in the morning early) and ended up taking part in a sprint with Footsteps.  This was great at the time but then when I was trying to read later on in the day I ended up having a three hour nap..

Saturday & Sunday I spent painting my room so read a grand total of 50 pages: the good news is that 30 of them were the end of a book and the other 20 were the start of book number five- The Passions of Alice!
I got a little distracted during one of my 'clear the room' sessions and accidentally read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at some point during the week.  I honestly have no idea what day this was- I think maybe Tuesday-  but I pretty much just sat down on my floor, read the whole thing in one go, got up and continued moving my books.

I'm actually really proud of the reading I got done; I knew going into the week that I wouldn't get seven books finished, and that the weekend would be a write off in terms of opening books but four books and a little bit isn't half bad! Especially considering my first book I started reading over two weeks ago but hadn't opened past the first two chapters and that had been the last time I'd opened a book at all.

Whenever I next take part in a readathon I'll definitely plan out my books better (maybe pick shorter ones, or at least not read the longest book first), and won't put so much pressure on myself to read.  The reading I really enjoyed was the sprints I took part in and the times when I just picked up my book because I wanted to rather than because I just wanted to finish it.

Did you take part in BTAT17 this year? How did you find it?

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  1. I can't believe you read four books in a week, that is so impressive! I have so many books on the go, I just keep starting them and never finish. I probably finish as many in a year as you did in the one week!