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I hope you have all had a wonderful start to this year and aren't feeling those post Christmas blues too badly.

Last week the lovely Abbey tagged me in her This Time Next Year post which ties in amazingly with this week being the first week of the year and therefore me being in a very positive 'lets go get it' mood.

The rules of the tag are:

  • Thank the person who tagged you (thankyou Abbey!)
  • Write your goals for next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve your goals
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to share their goals
  • Then, if you wish, in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not

So, let's go!

This time next year: I will have graduated university
I will do this by: working my socks off for the next few months!

This time next year: I will be able to cook better and cook more of a variety of things.
I will do this by: Slowly experimenting with things in the kitchen and learning to not be so scared of trying out different recipes.

This time next year: I want to have a better understanding and better coping methods for my mental health.
I will do this by: Journalling more, talking about it and my feelings in general instead of closing off, and by remembering that this is a journey and it is not going to suddenly magically fix itself overnight.

This time next year: I want to be better at piano.
I will do this by: practising most days when I'm at home and next to my piano, and by finding the notes or tutorials to songs I enjoy / love so I have motivation.

This time next year:  I will have been blogging for a little under two years (what?!!) and I want to have made this little blog the best it can be!
I will do this by:  Putting more creative effort and energy into my posts and images / photos that I make or take for it, only posting things that I'm happy with and only posting them when I'm happy with them but also by not raising my own bar so high that I can barely see it let alone reach it!

I tag:

Holly  ~
Kimberley Jessica  ~
Alice  ~
Cesca  ~
Lucy & Kelly (The Blossom Twins)  ~
Lisa  ~

If you have any resolutions or anything of your own that you want to have completed or achieved by next year then please do let me know in the comments!

love el

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  1. Yay thanks for carrying on this tag, Eloise! �� Sounds like you have some very well thought out goals to me! I used to play the piano myself and it's one of my biggest regrets that I gave I thought up, so I definitely encourage you to keep going as it's a wonderful skill to have! Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what 2017 brings to your blog! ✨

    Abbey ��