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I've never been one of the girls who is always watching make up tutorials and getting very happy over the latest eye shadow palette release and while you still won't catch me applying for a make-up counter job I have recently (as in two days ago) attempted to branch out, step away from my trusty faithfuls and dip my brushes into the waters of New Makeup.

First of all I have to say that makeup counters are stressful; trying to dodge the well-meaning but scary counter girls while trying not to drop the four products in my hand, at the same time as attempting to test out a lipstick on the back of my wonder I put each make-up shopping experience at the back of my mind; I'd have nightmares otherwise!  And secondly; yes the title of this post is incredibly cringe-worthy and for that I apologise but it was the best one I came up with at 11.30 the other night when I started writing this and now it's kind of stuck on me like a title leech.  I haven't tried any of these products yet apart from the nail varnish so this is less of a review and more of a 'at first glance' type post- but if there is a product I mention that you want to see more about / are thinking about getting and want my unofficial opinion on then let please let me know!

Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter: (if I tell you that I have previously just always used a shimmery eye shadow will you all judge me for it?) which is very pretty and a champagne kind of colour while also being the one that suited my skin tone best - according to the lady at the counter and the mirror I kept glancing at.

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder:  this was a necessity as well as a want because my previous powder was running out and several years old.  As much as I adore S & G skin care - my bathroom products could be mistaken for a soap and glory shrine - I've only ever tried one of their lipsticks before, but I've heard nothing but good things and I really like the company so into my make up it goes!

Nail Varnishes: - okay so these aren't branching out at all but shh they're pretty and were buy one get one half price.- I picked up two from Rita Ora's Rimmel collection in the colours Oranginaa light orange coral because I'm trying to get away from blues and purples as for a while those were almost the only colours I would buy and Go Wild Er Ness; a beautiful light purple (I know, I literally just said no more purples but I just couldn't help myself.)

Maybelline Eyeshadow: Love at first sight is the only way describe my feelings towards the Maybelline Nude Palette, it's same neutral shades I always wear but oh wow, looking at this palette/set/box I totally understand the appeal.  Very very pretty!

Maybelline Lipstick in Velvet Beige (630) which is from the Colour Sensation and is such a beautiful colour!  I have another from the range so I'm hoping it will be as long lasting and good as that one.

Something I didn't buy on the day but have had for a little while and photographed it anyway is the Benefit ka-Brow! eyebrow cream thing which I find so easy to use , especially with the little brush connected to the lid meaning I don't lose it.  It's so easy to build up from a more natural look into something more dramatic or night-out worthy and with this a little bit really does go a long way!

it's so pretty!! And my just visible nail varnish is Go Wild Er Ness.

While shopping I also picked up my new glasses which I'm actually a little in love with, Harry Potter socks and a book because of course I did, I'm branching out not changing!

Do you have any products you can't get enough of? Let me know what they are and I'll make a list for next time I expand my make up bag.

love el

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