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First off you should know that for as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed reading what I like to call fluffy books; books that have no meaning; you know the ones, girl meets boy; chaos and (light) drama ensues but every one knows that they'll end up walking off into the sunshine together, holding hands, for happily ever after.

And there's nothing wrong with that but I never felt completely absorbed into the world and the older I've got the more I've longed for protagonists who fall head over heels for the girl in their building, for the bad girl from their teenage years.  I wanted fluffy meet-cutes and characters driving their friends mad because "she's so pretty" etc. etc.  I wanted all the cliches and the paragraphs that I'd roll my eyes at if I wasn't so busy smiling and internally going "awwww!" - or externally going "awww" if it's a really cute bit!  I wanted to read books where I could see myself, books in which I didn't have to quickly skim though any sex scenes because handsome faces I can deal with but I do not need such a vivid description of that.   I longed for books I could relate to, books I could totally absorb myself in and books that might one depict a sort of version of my own life (a girl can dream right!?)

But I finally (and I mean finally; I don't know why it's taken me this long) found these books; ones that I can fully dive into and identity with because the main characters are all female and love women. Yay!  And so I figured as I bought several the other day with some of my Christmas money I would share them with you!

First up are two shorter books that I got as free online downloads simply for signing up to Harper Bliss' email list; uh.. yes please and thankyou very much!  I haven't started either of them yet so can't entice you anymore than saying free books, get your free books here on her website!  Summers End is about Marianne and Emily who meet when Emily stays in the other woman's island B&B and judging from the synopsis the two both have their own baggage and personal demons but through getting to know each other (and presumably through falling in love with each other) they start to live again. Cheesy, cliche, wonderful.  Hired Help is, well, let's just say a little more clearly adult. Recently single Olivia is fed up of being alone and her friend suggests she gets some hired 'help'.. From the word count I don't think a friendship slowly blossoming into a relationship is exactly what happens but a quick skim read through of some later pages says that my mushy romantic heart won't be disappointed either!

Too Late I Love You by Kiki Archer is one that I recognise but I have no recollection of reading before so probably picked it up and stupidly put it down before but is about a mother called Connie who starts writing a book to escape her own repetitive life but slowly realises that the person she is writing about is dangerously similar to a woman in her own life.  From what I can tell I believe Connie doesn't realise she is attracted to women at the beginning or is partly in the closet about it? I'm not sure but it sounds good either way!!

That Certain Something by Clare Ashton contains two polar opposites, Pia and Cate, who meet and get to know each other in London.  It is, at first glance, my dream book.  Every little moment I love in the other books I have read but with two women front and center.  Typically the one I was potentially most excited to read is the one that is being shipped over from the middle of nowhere USA and won't arrive until February!

Grace Falls by H.P Munro is about two women, Alex & Maddie who meet when Maddie's car breaks down in Grace Falls which as far as I can tell is a slightly gay Stars Hollow which you know..yes please! Small town romance is always going to be adorable and while an online search promises a happy ending (no heartbreaking bury your gays books for me thankyou very much) the blurb hinting at me that Maddie isn't going to stay/might constantly be thinking about moving on makes me think that I might shed a few tears before I reach the rainbow ending.

Also because I am a fangirl shipper who is always late to everything I finally bought Popcorn Love by KL Hughes which started life as an online swan-queen fanfiction!  I read it when it was Emma and Regina and I was so excited to re-read now it's Allison and Elena. *yes I have already read this since it arrived through the letter box earlier in the week.*  If you haven't heard of this book then it's an adorable read; Allison is hired to babysit Elena's son while she goes on blind dates set up by her friend..over time friendship turns into feelings and it's mushy and adorable but without being over the top about it.  100% recommend.

And last but definitely not least is Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins by Emma Donoghue which is a collection of fairytales which have been rewritten and reimagined in a very female way; flicking through the book it looks like each story is in the first person and follows on from the one before it in a single, flowing, swiftly changing narrative.

I haven't read all of these yet - I'm a fast reader but I'm not that fast- but I will be doing so very soon so stay tuned for possible reviews and happy mushy squealing coming your way, especially if you follow me on twitter.  Do let me know if there is a specific book you want to hear more about / read my thoughts on and I will make sure to draft posts accordingly.  And also please let me know of any other books you've really enjoyed- bonus points if they're about two women / LGBTQ+ themed / girl power as I'm always looking out for more books to add to my ever-growing list!

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