hello 2017

hello! hello to you reading this, hello to future me and hello to 2017!

if you read my post yesterday you will already be aware that I'm determined to do a few things differently this year but I just wanted to dive into a few more personal and slightly deeper things today; starting off with making the maybe obvious but definitely important statement of 2017 is going to be a year of change.

i have no idea what most of the changes will be or what they will bring but what I do know is that:

     ~ In February I will turn 21; finally pass over the line and become a legal adult in the eyes of every country.
     ~ In April I will hand in my play and final pieces of written work for university.
     ~ In June I move out of my student house.
     ~ In July I will graduate.

Those four moments are the only things I know about this year.  There are other things happening and possibilities but those are the only ones that I am certain about.

I'm going to audition for drama school in February and the result of that day will set in motion one of several possible paths: I could be moving to Wigan in September, I could be staying in London, I could be moving back home for an undetermined and unknown amount of time, I might end up in a completely random location in England..  The possibilities aren't completely endless but there are definitely several of them! Each possibility needs a plan and a back-up plan (and probably a back-up plan for my back-up plan) and at the moment I have a vague idea for one..

Also this year will be the year when I finally (with my mums help) turn my bedroom at home from a time-machine straight back to my mid-teens into a room that actually fits me now.  I've already made a start in clearing some of my bookshelves and giving my wardrobe a major de-clutter.   I want to work on myself this year and sorting out my room is one of the first steps I'm taking towards doing just that.  I'll probably write a longer and more detailed post about this and the reasoning behind it being so significant for me later in the year- both a) when it gets redecorated and b) if you actually want to know!  But putting Karen McCrombie and Cathy Hopkins' books away in a box and up into the loft is my first small step of change this year.

Aside from reorganising my cupboards I'm also working on internal things,  I want to really work on my mental health this year, drink more water and try and be a little more positive about things!  As cliche and cheesy as it is I am going to spend this year watering the grass on my side of the fence, stop comparing my now to someone else's and learn to appreciate the people and things I already have a bit more.  As part of this I've decided I'm going to start a #goodthings thread on my twitter and just keep on adding to it!  It will be moments that I had fun in, photos that I love or am proud of, people, gifs..everything!  If I count it as a good thing then it will find its way onto the thread for me to look back through whenever I feel that things aren't so shiny and fab.

What little I do know about the year ahead promises to be happy, sad, bittersweet, amazing and probably the cause of me becoming a complete mess of emotions several times..

so cheers to a happy new year; whatever it may bring!
love el

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  1. I love this post. I am doing the same working on myself and not comparing myself to others. You have a real exciting few months ahead and I wish you the best hun xxx