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If you've been on my blog in the last couple of weeks you might have noticed that a few things have changed on here; I've bought my own blog domain, uploaded a theme and yesterday spent several hours editing the HTML to make the layout one I was happy with. (it genuinely took hours and I learnt the hard way to do everything slow step by slow step and always press save..)

I'm proud of myself for doing these things and figuring it all out; I've never been a computer person and at first glance the 'edit html' page had me almost running for the hills, but I've done it and although some things still need a little more work (next I'm going to attempt to change the colour) I'm really really happy with my blog!  

I've always wanted to blog properly but I've always been scared to do so, 'what if I'm rubbish', 'what if no one cares', 'what if..what if'.  I have lost count of the number of times I've almost started blogging only to let my own doubts creep in and press the delete button.  But I don't want to be scared of really trying at something anymore, I'm so fed up with repeatedly allowing myself to pause and stop and  give up, so I'm just not going to.

Instead I'm going to try. 
I'm going to close my eyes, jump out of my comfortable safety net of 'but what if' and right into blogging; okay so I might crash headfirst and stop by January.  Or I might land on my feet and keep going; I have no way of knowing which way this will turn out but regardless of that I am going to try!

I've got a notebook half-full of ideas; some of which will never see more than the inside of a bin but some of them I'm going to write up into actual posts.  At the moment I've picked the label of 'lifestyle blogger' which I'm intending on keeping but whether I'll add 'books' or 'beauty' or 'photography' to this I don't know; you'll just have to watch this space! 
Either way this blog, my blog, will be a place that represents me and my personality; I'm quiet but ambitious, (also I'm surprisingly stubborn determined..) I love exploring new places, taking photos and independent bookshops make my heart happy.  I love walking, painting my nails (although I'll definitely never make a nail artist..block colours is about it for me) watching films and I'd like to think I'm a kind hearted person. (this feels a little bit like a singles ad now so I'll shh on the fact train.)  
The point I'm trying to make is that this blog doesn't have a theme, and probably won't, because I am a person with many interests; some of which I'll write about on here!

So, in the name of throwing myself into blogging I'm hosting a twitter chat on @GRLPOWRCHAT tonight (Tuesday 6th September) at 9pm and I am half bouncing up and down with excitement and half absolutely terrified..but it's a good feeling; "nerves show you care" and all that jazz.

Feel free to have a little nose around on my blog and please do let me know if you find anything that doesn't work / links that won't click!  Hope to see you at the chat later on!

love el


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  1. Loving your new domain & the new look! I'm excited to see what posts you've got coming over the next few months! And well done again for being such an amazing host yesterday! :)

  2. The new layout looks fab, well done for getting it to look so good! I hate HTML, I can only just work it with a lot of googling aha! Yay for taking risks with your blog as well, I really want to start up a YouTube channel but I'm kind of scared - like you said, I need to stop with the what if's and just do it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Good luck with the chat! I am exactly the same - such a technophobe, but i've poured literally days worth of hours into coding and am finally happier with the result, i may even do a blog post on my favourite hacks as some have helped me so much. I love Xomisse and Bloomin' rouge, especially for little things like removing borders/getting a nice navbar and i really recommend installing disqus too! Go for it girlie, if you don't try you'll neve know! Just remember rule number one - be YOU!

    Bumble and Be