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August was a fairly relaxed month for me so I didn't go anywhere or do anything to try out many products; although I am getting near to the bottom of some of my current one though so if an "Empties" style post is one you'd be interested then just shout and let me know! Despite this there were a few things I did really really love this month so decided I'd throw together a short August Favourites for you!

~Music wise I've been adoring Tilted by Christine and The Queens:  I know this song isn't a brand new one but I've only recently heard it and honestly I think I've fallen in love.  It's been on repeat so many times I could probably sing it all, french lines included! (probably..please nobody make me try.)

~After my holiday I returned to England with a tan that I wasn't at all looking forward to losing but thanks to Soap & Glory's 'Smoothie Star Body Buttercream' it's barely faded at all in over a month!  This isn't a new product for me as I've been using it daily for over a year now but I was a little worried that it wasn't specifically an after-the-sun type product but it's been great; no peeling at all!

~After reading almost an entire bookshelf in July I've slowed down again and only managed to re-read the Mortal Instruments series this month; definitely enjoyed them though as I read most of them about four years ago but never actually finished the series and all I can say is it was definitely worth the wait; wow!

~Online of course it absolutely has to be everything #GRLPOWR; we've had such an amazing response on twitter and I'm so unbelievably excited about it; but also the other girls are honestly the loveliest bunch ever even if our groupchat is a little mad; I think Ellie summed it up excellently in her post.. "And blimey, I can’t even go downstairs to get a party ring without coming back and finding out we are designing our own torches."  everyone involved is so passionate about it and I hope that comes across to the rest of the twitter-sphere!

Thankyou for reading & if there's any thing you absolutely loved in August then please let me know! Books, songs, make up..I'm always wanting to find out about cool things!

love el


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  1. It's a great monthly round up! I've never tried Soap & Glory before (Can you believe it!?) But I always hear such great things about the brand. I'll have to try that body buttercream. What can be better than music, tans, and fun twitter chats!? You girls did amazing and I'm really loving the positive vibes and supportive attitude from the new hashtag you all made. It's a good one! Great post :)


    1. Thanks!! Wow, haha. It's a really good brand; my bathroom is full of their products! Thankyou so much; we're all so grateful of the amazing response we've had from people xx

  2. Awh El thanks for quoting me!😂 I've run out of party rings now so I'm sad... I have the Righteous Butter from S&G and I love it!