a little piece of crete


As I mentioned briefly in my last post I spent two weeks of July laying on a pool lounger in Crete reading; it was pretty relaxing not moving anywhere but between the food area and the pool but there were a few times when we grabbed our cameras and either wandered down to the beach or hopped on the bus into Chania and I figured; why not share some of my favourite photo's here!  

Several times we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset.

While in Chania we went on a sunset cruise around some of the little rocky islands just off the coast.

My favourite part of exploring new places is wandering away from the commercial roads and finding all the beautiful side streets.

The sunset from the boat was beautiful even though I discovered that yes, I do feel travel sick on water..

The majority of the time we were there the sea was quite lively; not so good for swimming but definitely good for photo opportunities!

I completely fell in love with this cat and took about seven hundred photos of it before my mum tempted me away with the magic words "ice cream."

Crete is so unbelievably beautiful and such a lovely mismatch of places; if you like beaches- it's got them, if you like towns and bustling nightlife- it's got that too, if you prefer scenery and mountains then just turn around because it's got them as well.  I've been there twice already and would honestly just keep going back each year until I've visited every square inch!

Do you have any places you adore and dream of returning to again and again? Let me know in the comments!

love el

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  1. How absolutely gorgeous! The sea and off roads as beautiful as that one really gets me! It's my favorite thing. I loved seeing the pictures you have up. They're great!
    Great post x


    1. It's so unbelievably pretty out there! Aw thankyou lovely :D

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures and im not surprised you were obsessed with that cat, it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thankyou! And I know- honestly half of my photo's were of the sea and the other half of that cat :D xx