a wander through richmond


A few weeks ago now I picked up my camera, put on my shoes and set off for Richmond Park; my university is right around the corner from one of the entrances so I really have no excuse for not going more often..anyway I did that and having since flicked through them and discarded several I decided I might as well put a couple of the ones I like the best on here.

As this was my first proper outing with my camera I felt a bit odd wandering around with it at first, especially as it was a Sunday and there were lots of families with their dogs around, so I didn't take as many overall as I might have done.  Despite that I do feel quite happy with some of them; and I know getting used to taking photos will only come through going out and taking photos; I'm hoping to go to Hammersmith soon actually when there's a nice day!

If you have any advice for a newbie taking photo's then please let me know!

love el

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