rainy days..


Today has been one of those overcast gloomy rainy days which always have two possible outcomes- I become as gloomy as the weather or I find a good book, make several cups of tea and just sit all warm and peaceful inside while the rain hurls itself at the window.  Today is the latter of the two rainy day outcomes..

      Most of my day has been spent reading, I felt in the mood for a feel good fluffy book this morning so grabbed Jenny Colgan's Little Beach Street Bakery which makes me both hungry for everything breadlike and also longing for a puffin.. I really love all of Jenny's books; they are such a good way of turning my brain off and just escaping into a world without getting confused or having to concentrate really hard to understand, perfect for a relaxing rainy day!

 I've also taken the time to treat my hands and nails to a buffing & moisturising session; which after non-stop nail varnish wearage over the past few months they really needed! I've given them a break from the colours this past week and figured that an at home 'treatment' would be a good thing!  
 I use my mum's Soap & Co set (pictured below) and honestly I love it so much, my nails look so much better and healthier just from spending half an hour on them this morning and I can still smell faint traces of the handcream.

     I'm still a newbie to this whole blogging thing and therefore am just working on writing posts which I enjoy reading, (as well as remembering to write them in the first place!) which is why I've written this post today!

Hope your day (rainy or not) has been wonderful; let me know in the comments what you've been up to; or what you like to do on rainy weekend days!  and now I'm going to curl up on the sofa with another cup of tea and continue reading.

love el

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